Book Review : ‘How To Talk To Anyone’ by Leil Lowndes - 92 Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships

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“Every smile, every frown, every syllable, you utter, every arbitrary choice of word that passes between your lips, can draw others towards you, or make them want to run away.”

-Leil Lowndes

Wondered why you admire successful people who seem to “have it all”? And they are the ones with the finest jobs, the most sophisticated, with big bank accounts, rich, etc. What do they have that makes them so different from the rest or “extraordinary” and “shining” in the spotlight”?. 

They haven’t reached their peak simply because they're better looking than you and me, but because they knew how to deal with their fellow people in a more skillful way.

Their bag of tricks seems to entail the “have it all factor” - substance that solidifies relationships, wizardry that wins minds, a quality that makes people fall in love with them, make customers buy from them and not the competition, etc. All these tricks from body language to words, telephone skills and social tactics, it’s all in the book How to Talk to Anyone


Book’s Name - How To Talk To Anyone

Author’s Name - Leil Lowndes

Genre - Self-help book

Language - English

Synopsis - Spoiler Alert!

The book is dedicated to all those who wish to have successful relationships in life irrespective of the environment and with ‘anyone’. The book provides an easy and effective way of ‘how to’ master and apply the tricks in life with the goal of making you ‘a master communicator in life’ whether it be in personal, social or professional settings.

The book begins with the most important part of communication that most of us find difficult and is the first step towards forming a relationship, that is, ‘How to Intrigue everyone without saying a word’- You only have 10 seconds to Show you’re a Somebody. 

The first sight when two people meet has awesome potency. It is the impression at this first meeting that is indelible and what makes one stay in his or her memory forever. This is when people take an instant mental snapshot of your image which then becomes the data they may deal with for a long time. 

But it totally depends on how successful and remembered you make the first impression. If you are a person who may stutter or not be able to completely get people to pay attention to you, it’s alright, body language can help you with the same. More than 80% of the time, the way you look and move contributes to your first impression.

Every chapter in the book lays out at least 7-15 techniques that can be strongly applied to all types of conversations and settings. Each tip by Lowndes demonstrates the practical relevance of using them and her amazing ability to paint the images of them in our head using picturesque words just makes it all the more easy. 

About the Author

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Leil Lowndes is an internationally recognized psychologist and communications expert who has specialized in subconscious interactions that take place in all interpersonal communications. 

After decades of communicating with all types and ages of people, Leil decided to write and speak to groups to share her knowledge with the public. She now conducts seminars for about 500 companies and speaks at conventions, but her favorite type of communicating is still one-on-one talking with people.

She is the author of international top-selling books on communication skills for business, social relationships, and love. Some of which have been translated into 26 other languages. 

Her top-selling books include, How to Talk to Anyone, Instantly Connect with Anyone, Good-bye to Shy, How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You, How to Talk to Anyone at Work, etc. 

Book Blurb

How to Talk to Anyone is really the book to better communication skills and is not a relationship skills book. The relationship aspect portrayed by the book is about how to start and keep a conversation going, how to maintain strong relationships and never be left out in the cold during conversations. 

The book will show you how to:

  1. Make an unforgettable entrance and meet the people you want to meet.

  2. Work a party the way a politician works a room.

  3. Always come across as confident, credible, and charismatic wherever you are.

  4. Use body language to captivate audiences of all sizes.

  5. Sound like an insider in any crowd, no matter how little you have in common.

It provides unique and insightful advice gathered through the author’s decades of experience and process of getting to know the crux that holds conversations. Sometimes these tricks may downright inspire the readers.

It also stands as a book that fulfills the promise. Reading the book has helped me transform, change relationships and make them so better, even with those whom one may have lost contact with. 

For introverts the book may also serve as an advantage and starting point to socialize and picture in their mind an activity they feared - ultimately making them know how to perform. 

Key Takeaways

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  1. Body language plays the most important role in people’s impression of you.

  2. Active listening and asking good questions invoke good conversations.

  3. Authentic and specific praise/compliments is powerful with whom you want to build a rapport.

  4. Preparation is essential when beginning a conversation with someone.

Famous Quotes

  1. “There are two kinds of people in this life: Those who walk into a room and say, “Well, here I am!” And those who walk in and say, “Ahh, there you are”.”

  2.  “Her drama teacher told her that your body, the way you move, is your autobiography in motion.”

  3. “Remember, repeating an action makes a habit. Your habits create your character. And your character is your destiny. May success be your destiny.”

The Bottom Line

For many of us the main area where we need confidence is in interacting with people accompanied by the thought of leaving a positive impression. And the fact this book is so valuable to that end is amazing. It has been written in a tone probably familiar to our mothers than it is to us which could serve as an advantage. 

These 92 ‘Little tricks’ are likely to fly under the radar of people and if you want to have them as secret weapons for becoming an expert communicator or an insider, I suggest it is the must read book for you.

My ratings for the book - 4 on 5

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Written By - Umme-Aiman