Do You Know Why World War 1 Happened?


How It All Started?

World war 1 started in 1914 and ended in 1918. So, during 1914 many tensions started to arise in the southeastern region of Europe, Archduke Franz Ferdinand was the heir presumptive to the throne of Austria-Hungry and he was assassinated by Serbian nationalist which led to a huge dispute between their people.

Serbia was aware of the fact that Austria would attack them and it happened in real as Austria declared war on Serbia on 18th July 1914. Serbia was also panicked so they asked for help from Russia and in just a week many other countries came up to be the part of warlike:

1. Bulgaria

2. France

3. Great Britain

4. Germany

5. Italy

6. Ottoman Empire

7. Romania

8. Greece

9. Belgium

10. Portugal

11. Montenegro

Now, these countries were divided into two forces, one was called central force and the other was called allied force. Central forces contained countries like Germany, the ottoman empire, Austria-hungry and Bulgaria and allied forces contained France, Great Britain, Russia, Italy, Romania, Japan and the USA.

Events of War

During this war, millions of soldiers and civilians were killed. The war started in Southeastern Europe and it was spread to many other regions, if talked about the western region then Germany tried to attack France through Belgium but it was stopped and beaten by the armies of Great Britain and France. At those times, many countries had a secret pact in which they used to support each other in any type of war-like situation.

On the Eastern front, Germany was also trying to infiltrate Russia (that time the Soviet Union) which led to Russia attacking the help colonies of Germany but they were stopped by the forces of Germany and Austria. Till 1917, Russia was so much exhausted that they were experiencing poverty, famine and economic backwardness that’s why the leader of that time Vladimir Lenin tried to back off from the participation in the war and also called this Russian revolution.

Meanwhile, America didn’t want to be a part of the war, they wanted to be neutral so that their trade relations should continue with the countries of both forces but America had to participate in the war because Germany drowned many ships of the merchant navy of America.

At that time president of the United States of America Thomas Woodrow Wilson had a conference with congress and got into the war. World war 1 that was started in 1914 ended when in 1918 Germany again attacked Great Britain and France but the armies of both the countries got back their held back agent in the region of France and Belgium, that’s why Germany signed the armistice pact and with it, the world war 1 was over.

After Effects of War

After World War 1, many dynasties were ended like Germany, Austria, Russia and turkey. In 1919, the Paris peace conference was also held in which the leaders of allied forces talked about signing the treaty of Versailles to maintain peace and no more wars which were signed also by Germany. Whereas, Germany stated that they were forced to sign the treaty and this also became one of the reasons for the inception of world war 2.

So, this was the story of world war 1 in which many countries fought with each other, millions of people were killed, many arsenals were used and developed and led to the downfall of economies of many countries.

Written by - Sharmistha Pratap

Edited by - Gunika Manchanda

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