Students Concerned Over CBSE 's Decision to Restore Full Syllabus


Students are within the headlines since the pandemic broke out, pandemic affected every section of society brutally but it completely changed the student life, Covid 19 is increasing day by day with new variants, which is forcing the govt to shut down the faculties.

CBSE Restored the Syllabus

According to the new syllabus released by the CBSE, the chapters that were cut within the previous school year are reclaimed within the curriculum for the tutorial session 2021-22.

The CBSE reduced the syllabus burden when the lockdown was going on, the CBSE said online teaching and learning last year was a new thing, the lockdown was also scary in those days, therefore the CBSE reduced the 30% syllabus from 9th to 12th classes.

What Chapters Are Being Restored?

Previous year the CBSE reduced the 30% syllabus but now these all chapters restored within the new school term.

The CBSE had skipped chapters on democracy and diversity, demonetization, nationalism, secularism, India's relations with its neighbours and growth of local governments within the country, among others.

The choice of chapters had drawn criticism from opposition political parties and academicians who said the move was "ideologically driven".

Why Are Students Concerned?

Along with the pandemic, India is facing many problems like low GDP, job loss, unemployment, many students can't afford mobile phones while others aren't able to buy books, the condition becomes worse in rural areas, where most of the families have just one phone, students claimed that online teaching isn't effective, it's much easier to urge distracted within the absence of teachers, they are not getting chance to ask questions as they in classroom.

Students complaining that putting down more syllabus isn't an honest move as they're challenging with pandemic and restoration of the syllabus is putting more burden on them during this tough time.

What CBSE Said?

A senior CBSE official, "The board had already declared last year that the rationalization of chapters was a 1 time initiative as by then teaching and learning through online mediums was fairly new,” He also said that “now CBSE schools have developed the capacity to conduct online classes successfully and may achieve the syllabus.”

Last year the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) had also announced a discount of up to 25% in the syllabus for classes X and XII board exams in 2021during the coronavirus-induced lockdown. However, the CICSE has not announced its syllabus yet for the new school term

Written by - Salman Khalil

Edited by - Gunika Manchanda

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