The Mysterious Appearance of Monoliths at Different Parts of the World

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Our world is full of so many marvels that leave us amazed every passing day, but some things are a mystery to us from the beginning. Last year was such a nightmare to all of us, it's like we all were waiting for some news of a new catastrophe every day. At the end of the year, we all discovered something different, something mysterious, on November 18th in a remote desert canyon in Utah’s Red Rock Country.

A large single standing block of metal was discovered in the desert of Utah, it was called a Monolith. Monoliths are a single standing block of either stone or metal.
Appearance and disappearance
Not only the sudden appearance of these giant metal blocks is mysterious but their sudden disappearance remained a mystery as well. Yes, after appearing from nowhere, these blocks of metal are seen to disappear overnight like they never existed in the first place. Just after disappearing from one place, another monolith is noted to appear in some other part of the world.
This object has dominated the internet for over a month because of its appearance and disappearance in a very remote area of southern Utah, USA. But this is not the only instance that occurred, similar instances have taken place in Romania, California, and Pittsburgh. This has really freaked out people across the world. Assumptions regarding these monoliths included extraterrestrial life shortly.
A timeline to monolith appeared recently
The first monolith

Image Source: NPR
As said above, it was discovered on November 18th, 2020 in a remote desert canyon in Utah’s Red Rock Country by a helicopter crew counting bighorn sheep there. 

Initially, it was not disclosed to the public because of safety issues and because the location of this 12-foot-tall metal block was in a remote area that is tough to reach by foot or by any vehicle. Later it was found that it disappeared with no sign of existence as seen on November 27th.
The second monolith 

Image Source: India Today

After the disappearance in Utah, a second monolith appeared on Batca Doamnei, a hill located in Romania. The two structures were very similar but had a few differences as well. While both structures are of almost similar height, the Romanian monolith was covered in circles while the one found in Utah was smooth. This monolith disappeared on December 1st.
The third monolith 

Image Source: The Indian Express

One day after the second monolith disappeared, a third one appeared on top of Pine Mountain in California on December 2nd. Again, this one was very similar to previous monoliths. This one is made of stainless steel and of similar height and 18 inches wide. However, this one was later dismantled by a group of young men, who replaced the metal structure with a wooden cross. 
The fourth monolith 

Image Source: BBC

This one appeared out of nowhere at the base of the cliff on Compton beach. According to sources, it was shorter than previous ones of about 8 feet tall. This monolith was later stolen because of the huge amount of attention it received. 

Another monolith was seen in Pittsburgh before the fourth one was found; it was intentionally placed outside a store called Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop. He arranged a 10-foot tall, 24-inch-wide triangle of plywood covered in a metal sheet.
What are these monoliths appeared for?
There are many theories about “why these monoliths appeared in the first place?”. Most of them are baseless still few of them got recognition and are widely believed by people all over the world. Theories that included alien life were highly believed to be true and people were connecting this event with past events which are mysterious at that time like the appearance of “Crop Circles” all over the world. And later, it was also believed that it was all doing of some pranksters who did a prank on the whole globe.
Still, a mystery about these giant metal bodies is unsolved and most probably added to the list of the unsolved mysteries which are never been solved.

Written By - Dewang Singh
Edited By - Anamika Malik

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