Things You Didn't Knew About Building a Strong Will Power

The basic concept of will power is the ability to resist short term temptations in order to met long- term goals. This art may be tough to take control of but once done will help you in your life tremendously.

Here are some ways,

Eat the Frog First Thing in the Morning,

There is a reason why mark twain is so often quoted on this, cause it really works. It basically means to complete the biggest and the most important task first, it is helpful for many reasons so much so that if you achieved nothing else in a day you still achieved a notable amount, also you have dogged the psychological barrier of a tricky job hanging over your head all day.

A to- do list is an excellent way to schedule and guide your day and keeps you right on track knowing what needs to be done.

Getting Yourself Organised,

“If you dont know where you are going you will end up someplace else” getting yourself organised will give you a headstart to completing your objective. The truth is that some things are cliched for a reason, and thats the the thing with being organised. Not only it will make you less likely to counter temptation, but you’ll end up saving time and enjoy the rest of the day.

Changing your Mindset,

Mindset plays a great role in achieving anything, the things that you find tempting right now may not be tempting after all. Also worth keeping in mind is the fact that many options that we may consider tempting are only serving to erode our will power further.

Considering the Emotional Touch,

The concept of willpower being something that can be used up is now replaced by the idea that willpower is much more like an emotion, as with our emotions things like sleeping, diet etc can have a major effect on how much self control we have. 

For instance if something goes wrong in the morning you are more likely to give up on the gym plans that evening. The secret of greater self control is the power of paying attention and understanding yourself is the secret to success.


Focus on maintaing a healthy lifestyle and when you feel willpower depleting, rather than giving up try to identify the reason for your lack of motivation. By knowing the aspects that hamper your productivity, you will be setting yourself up for success.

Written By - Akash Verma

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