Who Is a Speech-Language Pathologist?

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Speech-language pathology is considered as an allied health profession" along with audiology optometry, occupational therapy, rehabilitation psychology, and others. A speech-language pathologist (SLP) who works with people of all ages. They assess, diagnose and prevent people with socio-communication, voice, and swallowing disorders.

Is Human speech permanent?

The answer is no because it depends on how a person takes care of their voice. In children, they might have speech delay, language problem, or cognitive – communications issues. In adults, it might be voice, fluency, or feeding and swallowing problems.

In detail, Language disorders are children who have difficulty in reading, writing, and spelling. They might have a problem with both receptive and expressive language disorders.

Voice disorders are if people sounded rough, breathy, or strained, they have difficulty in speaking. Feeding and Swallowing disorders can cause both children and adults to like chewing, swallowing, etc.

Social communication disorders are people having difficulty in expressive and receptive language. So there are many disorders that SLPs would deal with. SLP can also be a therapist who gives treatment and support their daily living in communication. Even selecting, fitting, or any use of prosthetic devices for communication or swallowing processes such as electrolarynx will need therapy.

For example, people with cleft, lip, and palate.

They might even work with people they are associated with like hearing loss patients, cleft palate, traumatic brain injury, stroke, etc.

Where do they work?

They can work in various places like schools, hospitals, private places, rehabilitation centers, research centers, universities or colleges, Industrial settings, state, and central government agencies or programs.

They can also work as a team which is known as a multidisciplinary team. For example, if a child has a language delay the professionals involved in the team are psychologists, occupational therapists, special educators, teachers, and rehabilitation workers.

How to become SLP?

As a Speech-language pathologist is a professional degree course, they should complete undergraduate /post-graduate in speech-language pathology from a recognized university. The doctoral programs include an integrated program in speech-language pathology.

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