Covid19 Vaccination - Is It Really Effective and Safe?

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As we are going through COVID-19 second wave due to increased cases nearly 3 lakh daily. So, the government has ordered to put vaccination from May 1, mainly above age 45 years old. Now even above 18 years are recommended to put on vaccination for safety.

Even after full vaccination are you safe? Is it worth putting on vaccination? How can we defeat it even after vaccination? Let’s see it

What are vaccination breakthrough cases?

These COVID-19 vaccines are successful in increasing the immunity in our body. But there is still a small percentage of people who get affected even after getting vaccinated if they get exposed to the virus. These types of cases are known as vaccination Breakthrough cases.

The other reasons they get affected:

A person can get affected just after or before vaccination. Many researchers say that if a person gets fully vaccinated, they should restrain at home for nearly 2 weeks because the vaccination will take time to build body protection. So the person might get affected if they didn’t get sufficient time to build immunity in their body.

The other common reasons are if the person doesn’t follow the rules abided by the Doctors after vaccination can get sick.

If the time for the second doze gets delayed and not following the precautionary measure like wearing the mask, sanitizing your hands, and maintaining social distancing can cause illness.

Vaccines are not 100% perfect:

Even though a small percentage of people get affected even after vaccination. It will protect it at most. Many pieces of evidence say that the vaccination makes people less severe, but still, they get sick.

Doctors say that the goal of the vaccine is not eradication, it will decrease the tolerance level low. With vaccines, we can prevent disease and death, but not an infection.

For the virus, researchers state that last year's efficacy was below 50%. Thankfully, all the vaccines that are approved are far better than last year, which shows efficacy at 95%. But still, there is no 100% guarantee for not getting ill.

An essential tool to help you:

The main reason for these cases is the vaccines are not perfect. There are many factors, from the response of your immunity system to virus variants. As now the vaccines are for existing, they might be less effective for this new variant.

As general guidelines given by the Health Minister should be followed by wearing the mask in public areas even after you are fully vaccinated. Then sanitizing your hands and keeping a social distance are the ways to prevent.

Even if you are vaccinated give time to your body to get immunized. Follow even natural remedies by taking hot water, inhale hot steam air, consuming ginger, tulsi, and turmeric with or without water will be even more effective.

So, even after the second doze stays home and stays safe till this pandemic case count gets decreased or getting resolved totally.

Written By - Shreya Srinivasan
Edited By - Daniel Deepak Charles

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