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Nitin Gupta

My main focus is on delivering content in an entertaining or comic way. Like, I make voiceover based acting content wherein a conversation between two people is playing in the background in which one is making jokes on the other and is giving advice to his problem (Example – what to wear on a casual date during summers). 

1. Tell us about your background and journey.

I started off with content creation back in December 2018-January 2019 while I was undergoing my CA (Chartered Accountancy) Articleship training at a Top 20 corporate firm. I had always been keen on coming before people, addressing an audience, being well dressed, presenting myself etc. but didn't really find a platform that could serve my interests until I started off with content.

So, I used to go to the office from Monday to Saturday and shoot content on Sundays. Initially, it was all about getting clicked and going live before people but as I gained experience overtime in my genre, i.e., menswear, lifestyle, grooming, and personality, things changed. I realized only pictures and writing explanatory captions can never be the game-changer. 

Videos were something much needed if I have to elevate my content game. And Lockdown 2020 turned out to be a blessing in disguise for me during which I started off with my YouTube and creating value-oriented comic videos, which is now the USP of my page and has been appreciated by my audience as they had never seen such type of content earlier. 

This helped me improve my oratory skills, acting skills, people skills, content imagination skills etc. which has been a very big plus for me. Along with creating content, I stepped into acting as well. By far, I have done 4-5 digital ads and certainly looking out for more in the entertainment industry.

2. How can someone become a successful content creator?

When you are creating content, your first and foremost focus should be to reflect on yourself. If you are someone who is not a big fan of outfits and apparels, and still you step into creating fashion-oriented content just because it has worked for people, it won't work for you. But if you are someone with a good sense of humour, maybe you can rock comic content because this is what you do; it is a reflection of you. So, there has to be a genuine passion for something.

Secondly, always focus on the bigger picture which is having a loyal audience and having a real influence on people, which is a qualitative aspect. If you focus on putting out something valuable or entertaining for the audience, your numbers would expand, your real influence on people would increase. And eventually, the brands would come in to have you promote their products and services because you will have an audience base.

Thus, in my opinion, a successful content creator is someone who has an impact (positive) on people in their life, be it by making them laugh, or adding value to their life, or adding knowledge to their life.

3. Do you think that there will be a new style statement or fashion obsession with the new normal? If so what would be your choice and why?

If I talk about my content, then the outfit ideas and styling tips I share are evergreen and lay a lot of emphasis on versatility. So, one can style their outfit in accordance with my styling tips all year round.

If we specifically talk about something related to the new normal, masks are going to be added to the list of “accessories to style” for sure. And we have already started seeing how people have started coordinating masks with their outfit.

Also, given that the lockdown has been imposed in most of the states, people are going to be sitting at home wearing comfortable and loose clothes because of the summer sun shining bright at 40-45 degrees. Thus, once things get better and people start stepping out again, we all would want to be in that comfort zone when it comes to clothing. Thus, the primary focus is going to be on comfortable
clothing. So, we are going to see a lot of shorts, joggers paired up with basic T-shirts and shirts along with a few accessories like neck chains, rings, shades etc… instead of denim when people step out even for a casual outing.

4. Is it financially sustainable to be a lifestyle blogger today?

Being a lifestyle blogger in the current date is no less than being a business person or an entrepreneur. The product/services you are selling in the market is your content and your audiences are your customers. Say for example on YouTube, if you have a large audience base (subscribers) and a good amount of views on your videos, YouTube pays you for it. So, if you are regular with your videos and you are getting views good enough, there is a stable income coming in from YouTube for you, which is like a salary from a full-time job.

Alongside that, if you get a number of branded campaigns, you earn from those too.

So, everything ultimately depends on the scale of the genuine audience following you on social media. The amount you are likely to earn for a particular brand promotional post is more if you have a bigger audience base, less if you a relatively smaller audience base.

Thus, being a lifestyle blogger can turn out to be financially sustainable if you are catering to a large number of audiences and executing a good number of branded campaigns. However, one cannot be rigid & has to be dynamic to keep up with the changing environment on social media, and alongside lookout for other potential business opportunities.

5. What is your idea of success or your mantra in life?

The idea is simple – whatever you do, put in your 120%, keep trying different things, have faith and wait for the results. And if you are going through a time where things aren’t going well and you are mentally exhausted – Take a break, clear up your headspace and get back in the game.

There had been a time when I wasn’t able to figure out my priority – Content creation or CA until lockdown happened. This was because I had been continuously running around; firstly to the office from Monday to Saturday, and shooting on Sundays. Apparently, I did not take a single day off for like 6 to 8 months. But when lockdown happened, I got ample time for myself which:

1) Cleared up my headspace

2) Allowed me more time to create more content, with enhanced creativity (integration of comedy with value-oriented content)

3) Ultimately helped me figure out what my priority was – Content Creation And once I knew what my goal was, I never looked back.

6. Who is your favourite lifestyle blogger and why?

My favourite has to be Ranveer Allahbadia (BeerBiceps). I’ll answer why in a few pointers:

1. His journey has been very inspiring. From being someone who was an alcoholic, used to smoke pot in his college days to becoming one of the leading Self-Improvement creators of the world has been fantastic.

2. His content speaks value. If you want to learn about fashion, skincare, fitness, personality development, you will find it all in the playlist section of his channel.

3. We all know that we learn from our experiences. But we also learn from the experiences of others. This guy came up with his podcast – “The Ranveer Show”; has done over 100 episodes sharing 100 different lifetime experience stories. We certainly won’t remember all but the one’s which hit us the most, stay in our mind. And we somewhere reflect those in our lives.

So, in a nutshell, he has always been dynamic – kept on coming up with something new and everything of value for people, which has been very inspiring for me.

7. Do you have any tips for people who want to join this field?

For this, I would like to give reference to my Answer 2 and 5:

1. Be authentic. Come up with something you are good at and portray it in your own way. If you copy others, you are showcasing who they are, but not yourself as a creator.

2. Always focus on building a loyal audience and having a positive impact on people.

3. Put in your 120%, try new things, have faith in yourself, understand your audience’s liking- disliking, focus on continuous improvement and wait for the results to come. Results might take time, but they do come.

8. How and where do you find inspiration to churn out content?

There’s no specific source of inspiration. Ideas for content keep crossing my mind throughout the day. I pick up the ones people can relate most to. Along with that, I keep doing Instagram Live Sessions and QnAs, which help me understand what people are looking out for.

My main focus is on delivering the same in an entertaining or comic way. Like, I make voiceover based acting content wherein a conversation between two people is playing in the background in which one is making jokes on the other and is giving advice to his problem (Example – what to wear on a casual date during summers). 

Recently, I made a Rap Song (Inspiration – 4 bottle Vodka) on Dark Circles and their remedy which made it interesting for people to watch.
So, the idea is to be like our favourite teacher from school who used to teach by cracking jokes in the class, because this way people tend to retain more.

Nitin Gupta

Nitin Gupta - Lifestyle Blogger

Interviewed By: Vanshikha Bagga

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