These 19 Celebrities Are Devoutly Christian & You Probably Didn't Realize It


Hollywood and Religion

Hollywood has the reputation of being devoid of all religion. There is a stigma that the glamourous stars that live life in the public eye are far away from Christ.

The thought is that they would be ridiculed, shut out, and would alienate part of their audience. In some instances, this is true. Celebrities who opened up about being Christian have gotten some backlash.

However, these Christian celebrities decided to continue working hard in their careers as an open person of faith despite this. They have risen to the top and found a fan base that supports their choice in glorifying God!

These celebrities are saying to the world: “I am a believer of Christ and I am not ashamed.” This is giving people everywhere the courage to do the same in their own lives. Here are celebrities that you may not have known were Christian.
Celebrities Who Are Devout Christians

1. Carrie Underwood (Country Singer)

This American Idol winner known for faith-based songs such as 'Jesus Take the Wheel' and 'Something in The Water' grew up in the church. After her first acting role in "Soul Surfer," Underwood was quoted as saying, "It's easy to have faith when things are going great and you're on top of the world. I'm winning, I'm selling, I'm on tour and this is all great! But this story is about having faith when the chips are down and how to deal with that."

2. Faith Hill (Country Singer)

Faith Hill was raised in a devout Baptist family. "That’s where my strength comes from. It’s my foundation. I was raised in a Christian home and it prepared me to deal with life on my own."

3. Tim Tebow (NFL Quarterback)

Perhaps one of the most prominent Christian athletes in sports today, Tebow is known for praying during his games and after big plays. Although he doesn't speak on the subject often, Tebow remains a strong proponent of Christianity. At a 2008 Easter church service in Texas he said, "Regardless of what happens, I still honor my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, because at the end of the day, that's what's important, win or lose. ... We need to get back to one nation under God, and be role models for kids."

4. Nick Jonas (Singer)

Raised in the church, Nick was part of the hugely popular Jonas Brothers singing group with his two brothers, Kevin and Joe. Nick famously wore a purity ring until 2014. He said of that: "I've had an incredibly intense journey with faith and religion and my growth. My belief in God is still very strong and important to me as a person, and I think that's all that should matter. The other things around it are not as important to me as my relationship with God."

5. Kathie Lee Gifford (Talk Show Host)

Kathie Lee Gifford was born Jewish, became a born-again Christian at the age of 12, went on to attend Oral Roberts University. She is quoted as saying "My entire family came to faith through eternity through Billy [Graham]."

6. Ryan Gosling (Actor)

Gosling's parents were Mormons and he has said that religion influenced every aspect of their lives. He said in an interview with The Guardian, "We were brought up pretty religious... it was a part of everything - what they ate, how they thought ... " Gosling now calls himself "religious but nondenominational."

7. Olivia Newton-John (Actress/Singer)

Many Christian groups claim Olivia Newton-John. She released an album in 2007 of inspirational songs influenced by many faith traditions and has been quoted as saying "nature is my church." In an interview for, she said, "Nature is the most beautiful thing we have. It's better than art because it's from the Creator."

8. Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman (Country Singer & Actress)

The two were married in a Catholic ceremony in 2006 and attend Catholic mass. Their Nashville priest, Father Ed Steiner of The Cathedral of Incarnation, is quoted by Celebuzz as saying of Urban, “I would say his faith is a strength.”

9. Johnny Cash

He was raised in the Baptist church. Once when pressed by a writer to share his specific beliefs, Cash responded with: "I'm a Christian. Don't put me in another box." According to Christianity Today, Cash also said, "telling others is part of our faith all right, but the way we live it speaks louder than we can say it. The gospel of Christ must always be an open door with a welcome sign for all."

10. McEntire (Singer/Actress)

Raised in the Bible Belt, Reba McEntire has been quick to credit her faith in God for getting her through tough times. She once caused a stir by sharing a belief in reincarnation. Her response to that controversy during a 2009 interview with the Toronto Star, "You don’t have to categorize or label me. Just say that I’m a true believer in a higher power. My faith has always been very important to me. I don’t know how I would have survived in this world without it.”

11. Jeff Gordon (NASCAR Driver)

Gordon did not grow up in the church, but credits other NASCAR drivers and Motor Racing Outreach (MRO) with his faith. He told BeliefNet.Com: I've committed my life to Christ. I was also baptized in the same church that (my wife) Brooke was baptized in." MRO has quoted Gordon as saying, " God plays a significant role in my life and I pray regularly. I know that through the good times and bad times He is always there for me."

12. MC Hammer (Rapper/Entrepreneur)

grew up Pentecostal and became a reverend in 1997. He even had a Christian ministry program on the Trinity Broadcasting Network called M.C. Hammer and Friends. He now devotes his time to prison and youth ministries and says he adopted the "M.C." back into his name, which now stands for 'Man of Christ'

13. Garth Brooks (Country Singer)

A Christian, though appearing to be non-denominational, Garth Brooks has mentioned and credited God many times. In the dedication of the album 'In Pieces' he writes "and above all to God, music is a tremendous power, please give us the wisdom and the courage to do all we can in the time we have." From the album 'Fresh Horses' he writes "and above all, to God, for it is through Him that all things are possible."

14. Jeff Foxworthy (Comedian/Game Show Host)

Foxworthy grew up Southern Baptist. Host of The American Bible Challenge on GSN, Foxworthy told TheBlaze that he remembered accepting Jesus Christ when he was just seven years old. “For it to be a relationship, you can’t do all the talking. That’s not a relationship,” he explained. “You’ve got to listen. God doesn’t scream. God whispers.”

15. Marie Osmond (Singer/Actress)

Osmond was raised as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She once told Diane Sawyer, "the God that I believe in is a god of love, not fear." She is also quoted as saying, "I have great faith in God. Without faith, I don't know how I would have been able to get through what I've been through."

16. Serena Williams (Tennis Champion)

Serena Williams was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness and continues to adhere to that faith today. Christian quoted Williams after her 2012 Wimbledon win with, "I want to thank Jehovah for letting me get this far. I almost didn't make it a few years ago, but now I'm here again and it's so worth it."

17. Gary Busey (Actor)

In 1996, Busey publicly announced that he was a Christian, saying: "I am proud to tell Hollywood I am a Christian. For the first time I am now free to be myself." His often quoted "Busey-isms" include: "Let me tell you the definition of the word Faith. 'F-A-I-T-H' stands for 'Fantastic Adventures In Trusting Him.' And the word 'Hope' stands for 'Heavenly Offerings Prevail Eternally. And light stands for L-I-G-H-T, which stands for Living In God's Heavenly Thoughts."

18. Philip Rivers (NFL Quarterback)

Rivers, a devout Roman Catholic, has seven children with his high school sweetheart Tiffany Rivers. Both are very active in the Catholic church and keep religion close in their family. Rivers speaks to young people about spirituality and the importance of abstaining from premarital sex.

19. Alice Cooper (Singer)

grew up in a Christian home. After his hard partying days, he returned to the church, saying, "I went out and the Lord led me through everything, maybe allowed it but then started reeling me back in, saying OK, you've seen enough, now let's bring you back to where you belong."

Written by - Sharmistha Pratap

Edited by - Gunika Manchanda

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