9 Admirable Qualities Of Shivaji Maharaj

Source - Deccan Herald

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj also known as - Shivaji Shahaji Bhosale was born on 19 Feb 1630 in the hill Fort Shivneri, near city of Junnar, India. Shivaji Maharaj was greatly remembered for his powerful warrior code of ethics and a reputed symbol of character.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is one of the greatest organizers in the history of the world. The man who wielded the Marathas into a mighty nation was also an outstanding military strategist, a skillful diplomat, and an enlightened administrator. He never let his enemies unite against him. 

Here are some of his aspirational and admirable qualities

Honesty & Faithfulness

Shivaji Maharaj acknowledge only those who righteously completed their duties. 

The Maratha Swarajya's trustee took a position on appointing the perfect person for the right job they didn’t rely on skill set but on perfect moralities and faithfulness of the person. This explains the importance of honesty, morality and ethics during Shivaji's rule. Promotion was guaranteed only if the person had proved his worthiness, honesty and that he could be trusted entirely.  

Leading with emotional intelligence

Majority of the population of the Maratha people of Shivaji maharahja's period were farmers and agriculturist. Shivaji Raja Bhosale caught their hearts as a humanitarian leader who lived up to his word. Since his childhood his mother Jilabai used to narrate stories from Ramayana and Mahabharata teaching it’s spiritual and moral values. 

Creating a strong foundation for future generations 

The king has left a legacy of good deeds, hard work, and selflessness as a role model for a good leader in the modern world. When Shivaji's mother Jijabai laid the foundation of Swarajya in his mind, his father Shahaji assisted him in laying the foundations of Hindavi Swaraj.

His Swaraj was founded on the foundations of humanity, values, ethics, management, and leader ship, and he will be remembered for nation building exercises and gaining support for the cause of Swarajya for all future generations. 

Good communication to construct a stable framework of trust

Shivaji Maharaj had great oratory skills. He spoke from the heart. His words bore the pain and agony of people. The leader first practiced the qualities of honesty, truthfulness, and trust and thereafter won the admiration of the Savalas.

Innovative thinking 

Adopting New and Beneficial Trends and Technologies: Maharaj was a firm believer in new technology and innovation. He researched this and provided new armaments to his warriors. He also recognized the value of the fleet and established a strong command over the Arabian Sea. 

A loyal son 

Shivaji was his mother's most obedient son. He always followed her instructions to the letter. He treated her with respect and compassion, and he made her proud by following her footsteps

Promising negotiator

There are numerous stories about how diplomatic he was even at very young age when he bought his father out of the Sultan of Biijapur’s hold using his wit and negotiating skills. 

Respectful towards women

This was one prominent aspects of Shivaji Maharaj. Women had to fight harder to survive in the century before Shivaji Maharaj. He issued a warning to everyone about the code and ethics that led to the development of respect for women.

Shivaji Maharaj was a strong supporter of women's rights and honour. 

Tolerant & respectful towards other faith 

During his reign as Maharaja of the Maratha Empire, Shivaji made it a point to protect religious structures, beliefs, and sentiments.

His treatment of people of various faiths was really fair. 

Even one of Shivaji's harshest critics, Khafi Khan, said of him that  "he made it a rule that if his followers went plundering or annexing any territory for expansion, they should do no harm to the mosques, the Book of God (Quran), or to the ladies"

Written By - Pratthiksha shree A

Edited By - Tushna Choksey