All You Need to Know About the Black Fungus and How India Is Fighting


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India is facing a great problem in the wake of the pandemic. Where Covid-19 has fractured the bone of the Indian medical system, one more disease has come in front of India to give it a full system paralysis. Yes, the rare disease Black Fungus is now awakening up in full swing to give an electric shock to our country.

Presently Indian Medical System has faced great losses in almost all terms. Several patients lost their lives due to lack of oxygen or other requirements of drugs or beds. Several medical personnel lost their lives while saving this nation from the pandemic.

Now Black fungus is has posed a new challenge to Indian Medical System and also to made the general public to be more aware and cautious. But what is this black fungus and how this fungal infection has become deadly?


What is Black Fungus?


Black Fungus is a rare disease that is caused by a group of molds, called mucormycetes. Individuals are infected after inhaling fungal spores found naturally in India's environment and soil. Normally it is a very rare disease. According to doctors, there was only 1 case in the span of 3 to 4 years.

But now it has been spreading rapidly in Covid-19 recovered patients. The patients who struggled due to the ravage of the second wave of the pandemic are now either facing black fungal infection or are deterred due to this disease. Even doctors are also in panic due to this spread of new disease.

Mucormycetes affect and the lungs, sinuses, and brain of an individual. Moreover, it can be life-threatening in diabetic or severely immuno-compromised individuals, such as cancer patients or people with HIV/AIDS.




It usually infects people whose immune system has been compromised particularly diabetic, causing several problems in an individual’s body. Blackening over the nose, blurred or double vision, chest pain, breathing difficulties are some initial symptoms of this disease.


According to AIIMS Director Dr. Guleria similar infection cases were also observed during the outbreak of SARS. He added that patients with high diabetes and severe Covid symptoms are the ones who are more and more vulnerable to this disease. He also informed that patients and individuals who are on steroids can also be the ones to be impacted by this disease.


Why Corona patients are suffering due to this disease?

Covid-19 creates an environment that makes it easy for fungus to lodge itself. Moreover, Covid-19 rapidly decreases immunity to a large extent, and if the patient is diabetic or a cancer patient and is on immunosuppressant drugs, the likelihood of having Black Fungus increases by more than 50%.


The Covid-19 pandemic has not only drastically impacted our countries economy but has also left an indelible impact on an individual’s health. The patients have become that vulnerable that their immunity cannot protect them from a foreign particle.


Another reason for it spreading in regular people is the rampant and indiscriminate use of steroids. 


Steroids and Black Fungus:


The recovery trial proved that steroids, when used in patients with low oxygen levels, saved lives. Steroids have emerged as a 'savior drug' in Covid treatment.


But doctor warns that the use of systemic steroids in the early stages of Covid-19, in mild cases, for a long duration, in high doses should be cautious and should keep a regular check on their blood sugar level.


The use of steroids can lower immunity and raise blood glucose levels even in non-diabetic, making an ideal environment for fungus to grow. Hence it is highly recommended to use steroids judiciously.

Cases in India:


As of May 21, at least 8,848 cases are found all over India, but as per conditions the cases in India are going to surge up. Gujarat is the state which is brutally hit by Black Fungal infections, as per the data there are2281 cases in Gujrat yet now.


Whereas Maharashtra with 2000 and Andhra Pradesh with 910, which totally comprises of58.66% of cases in India.


Talking about other states Haryana, Punjab, Rajashthan, MP, etc. are also facing cases of this rare disease. 


Impact and treatment of Black Fungus:


This rare but aggressive infection leaves a brutal impact on an individual's nose, eyes, and sometimes brain too. The impact is so severe that in some cases tubes are inserted in nose removed tissues infected by mucormycosis.

In several severe cases, patients' eyes are removed to save a life. Moreover, doctors believe that mucormycosis have a mortality rate of 50%.

This rare disease is curable if the anti-fungal drug Ampho B, which is commonly used for the treatment of the infection, is provided in time. But the medicine is not available in the market making the condition more badly. Now the government has allowed 11 firms to manufacture this drug so that situation can come in control.

In a highly severe case, complex surgery is the only way to treat the patient. The fungal infection is so contagious that multiple organs are impacted brutally and have to be removed sometimes.


The black fungus can be controlled if we all be aware and keep hygiene. Secondly, newly recovered Covid-19 patients with diabetics have to be extra cautious and avoid leaving the house because their immunity is not that strong. If we all will be cautious and will take care we can surely win in this fight.


Written By - Ashwin Kalra

Edited by – Adrija Saha

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