Book Review: Stories We Never Tell

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Author – Savi Sharma

Book Name – Stories We Never Tell

Category – Fiction

Language – English

Stories we never tell is a one-of-a-kind, quick read books with situations that at one the moment can make you smile and the other time the words are just enough to make a grown man cry. The words have been beautifully put together and the characters so realistically portrayed that you start relating to them at totally different level.

About the Author:

Savi Sharma is an Indian novelist. Her writing is the best-selling novel and she is the best-selling female author of India. Her style of writing generally relating to dreams, friendship, hope, love, and life.

Her books are also published in many different languages. Most of her books have topped the Nielsen BookScan and Amazon Bestseller List.

About the Book

The main protagonists of the book are Jhanvi and Ashray. Both the characters totally opposite but living a life with something missing. Jhanvi is a social media influencer and Ashray is working in the corporate.

On one hand, where Jhanvi have everything, fame, money, beauty, social media presence, Ashray has just started his corporate journey making his mother proud. Their stories are different in the way that Jhanvi is dealing with outside demons whereas Ashray’s demons are entirely internal.

Both Jhanvi and Ashray has their set of dreams. Jhanvi wants to prove to everyone that the career choice she took is absolutely apt for her and Ashray’s dream is to provide the best life to his mother. Also, Ashray was an orphan which is why he loved his mother so deeply.

The side characters who had a major role are Rishi (Ashray’s friend), Kavya (Jhanvi’s friend), and Akshita (Ashray’s step-mother).

Akshita is the most cheerful and loved character of the book. She loved her stepson more than anything and want nothing but happiness for him. She understands when there are some internal troubles with her son and she always talks with him about that.

Kavya knows Jhanvi from very close. She understands her struggles and wants to be with her to support her every time she messed up. They were best friends. After the Goa scandal, it was Kavya who handled Jhanvi. But things took a toll when one day, under influence, Jhnavi asked her to go out of her life. Even though Kavya didn’t want to, but she left Jhanvi and didn’t contact her again.

Rishi was the backbone for Ashray. Rishi was there with Ashray in all the good and the bad times. When Ashray bought a new home for himself and his mother, Rishi’s happiness was on top of the world. Rishi was heartbroken when he gets to know that Ashray is suffering from panic attacks because of his mother’s untimely demise. Even after that, Rishi stood by them to help him, personally and professionally.

Now, both Jhanvi and Ashray’s lives are in hell. Soon, Jhanvi realized that she needs help so she went to a therapist, and coincidentally, Ashray was also visiting the same therapist for his panic attacks. The doctor’s station witnessed their first encounter ever.

I suggest you to definitely read this book to know the conclusion because this book will definitely fill your life with love, light, and hope.


My ratings for the book: 5/5

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Written By - Anamika Malik


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