Akask Arora - A Crisis Always Has the Other Side That Is - Opportunity (CAO - WE CAN)

Akash Arora

Either you become a Leader or a Follower, I chose to be a Leader and always learn from my mistakes.

Tell us about your background, journey and upbringing.

I am a commerce graduate with middle-class family background. My father was a struggling businessman, but he gave us values and lessons so that we could survive in our lives and help our own families grow accordingly. 

I Started My Career as a Junior Level Salesperson with Daewoo Motors and Worked For Companies like Mahindra First Choice, Icici Lombard/Carnation Auto/ Cartrade.com/ Reliance General Insurance and at Last Now on Scaling up My Own Company We Can ( The Assistance Team) For General Insurance Business. Irrespective of People Telling Me This Is Not the Right Time to Take Any New Risks but I Am Clear That a Crisis Always Has the Other Side That Is -  Opportunity.  

How did you rise to the highest echelons in your career? 

Whichever company I worked for and whatever assignment I worked on, I tried to give my 100% with full passion and dedication. I always believed in owning the job and taking it as your own business, this thought helped me a lot. 

Either you become a Leader or a Follower, I chose to be a Leader and always learn from my mistakes.

What does your typical workday look like?

I start my normal day with a routine walk. Later with newspaper and some chit chat with family and by 10 am the professional run starts, it includes business supervision, meetings scheduled and closures of pending assignments, some learnings and some business sessions and I always try to end the day with happy notes

It seems onboarding, even in 2021, is a long drawn out process behind the scenes. How do you envision this changing in the future?

Onboarding is undoubtedly a long drawn out process, but I am sure it is going to change in the near future, and the future depends on the identification and absorption of the changes as soon as possible.

This Pandemic has taught us so many things and also the corrective measures. A 15 minutes interview and protocols cannot guarantee you the right candidature.

Studies today show that an organization can lose INR 10 lakh (~ $17,000) on average on a wrong hire or for hiring someone with a false degree. The only tried and tested way to prevent frauds is via a thorough background verification process. Download SpringVerify's e-book for a comprehensive guide to Employee Background Verification in India.

Several global companies have come out and thrown their support behind not needing a formal education. What is your opinion about this?

I am a believer in this. Talent doesn't have any alternatives. Basic education is a must, but ultimately talent is the one that works. There are so many examples around us.

We have to understand if we need creators or followers. The paradigm shift is that now only concept sells, the traditional days have gone, they can help us with survival, not in growth. We need people who understand the vision and the goal and the way forward.

What is the best piece of advice you would like to give to those who want to rise in their careers in the corporate world?

Please own the job you are in, dream big and follow them. Trust me there is always something for you on the other side. Always think twice before you quit so that you don't regret tomorrow.

Ups and downs are parts of our lives, how we face them is important. There is no competition with any other person, rather we have to better ourselves.

How are things changing in your domain, what role will data and information play in the future?

Technology is playing an important role in our lives, but I think that the human touch cannot be ignored ever. The competition is getting better and tougher. India will always be a Crisis Country, but always be a land full of opportunities.

The information is very important and so is the Data. We have to have the information of the changes happening around and how to use your data accordingly.

Which is your favourite book and why?

I don't read much, but I like the book MANY LIVES MANY MASTERS by DR.BRIAN WEISS. It is about how can we change our lives and come out of our sorrows.

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