Arick - Photography Is About Capturing Smiles and Moments, Creating Stories and Showing Creativity (Photographer from India)


Photography is not always about having expensive lights, expensive cameras and all other equipment. It's about capturing smiles and moments, creating stories and showing creativity.

Tell us about your background, journey and upbringing.

I'm not a professional Photographer. Nobody has taught me, I am a self-learner. I am an observer. I learned by seeing and following other people’s work. Weddings are an important part of my journey. People go to weddings for enjoyment purposes, some for food. When I used to go to weddings I would just observe the photographers, their equipment and their co-workers. 

I gradually learned how the main photographers used to treat their co-workers as just their sidekicks to handle the equipment rather than providing them the experience and chance to click pictures. That was the day I decided that I should be my own boss rather than just helping them out with the equipment. 

Although I am not saying you should not work under some experienced and good photographers. That was just my mindset that I won’t be able to do so. I thought I could give it a try, that’s how I developed my interest in photography. I started observing more photographers and the camera settings. 

YouTube has been a great help to me. After observing and learning enough, I purchased my first camera. And as people say practice makes you perfect, it gives you the required results, I got mine. I will not say I am perfect, I am and always be at a learning stage.

How and when did you realize your passion for photography?

In the beginning, photography was not a passion at all. It was just a hobby. It was more like I wanted to be the object in front of the camera. My mindset was to first learn and understand the concept of the camera which would capture me and then would provide knowledge to my friends and family members about it so that I could get some perfect shots of my own. 

But as soon as I learned and could catch the knowledge about it, none of my acquaintances could do so according to my expectations. Then I realized I had the passion that’s the reason I learned so quickly.  

Then I started clicking pictures of others. Seeing their happy faces, my heart was happy. My interest then shifted more towards capturing other’s happy/special moments rather than having one perfect click of my own. I also taught myself self-portrait photography, which is a win-win situation for me.

What are some important tips you would like to share with amateur photographers? 

Although I am an amateur myself right now, I can share what I know. First things first, as people say "Learn from your previous mistakes and don’t repeat them", I would also suggest, learn from your previous clicks. What settings you can change or you can add on to.

Secondly, whichever camera or the equipment you use, make sure to know that stuff in and out. Master the art of that particular camera before using it by grabbing all the theoretical knowledge about it. Settings play a vital role in the field of photography.

Lastly, you need to observe the client first and then cater to their needs. You need to work within the creativity parameters of your client, what might seem creative to you might not click with your client. Make it simple but significant.

I hope this will help the other photographers hit the mark.

What are the important skills one should have to be a successful photographer?

Believe in yourself, you will do wonders. Just believe in yourself nothing else you do will upgrade daily. Photography is not always about having expensive lights, expensive cameras and all other equipment. It's about capturing smiles and moments, creating stories and showing creativity.

Whose work has influenced you the most?

I am not following any professional photographer. I scroll Pinterest on a daily basis. It has a plethora of fresh ideas and creative pictures. You never know what might catch your attention or inspire you to do something out of the box. So I scroll Pinterest whenever I am free or in need of any new ideas for shoots.

What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos?

The role of lenses. I wish I would have known this earlier. There are a lot of lenses that provide us with completely different features from one another.

Earlier, I wasn’t aware of which lens or lens type is used for what purpose, which was the reason it wasn’t fun to click pictures and I couldn't shoot different types of photographs or conduct different shoots. 

I used to work only with one zooming lens which created a lot of problems and ruckus at the start. Then I educated myself and got to know about the role of lenses and bought plenty of them.

What's your favourite book and why?

Well I don't read books. I wasn’t a bookworm, I used to hate studies at school. I feel the Indian education system doesn’t provide the actual knowledge that one requires. 

Nobody would ask you about Indian history in a job interview unless it is exactly related to that field. Due to which I never developed a habit of reading. I learned my field of expertise from YouTube so that’s my favourite. I like listening to people. If someone’s words impact me or inspire me, It gets stuck in my head, I can listen to that person for hours and hours.


Brief Bio:

My name is Arick. I am a 25-year-old photographer, living in South Delhi. I stepped into the world of photography in 2017. Besides being a photographer, I am a model, YouTuber and recently stepped into pharmacy (as I feel learning has no boundaries of age, so I am a keen learner, trying to get into new fields and multiple fields). I work/worked as a photo editor, a personal photographer, group projects and much more. 

Interviewed by - Vanshika Jain

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