Peer Pressure - Advantages and Disadvantages

Peer pressure can be both pessimistic and positive. Because if a person is a peer pressuring you for a good reason then it is vitality. Motivation is necessary for the development of a person. While peer pressure for an awful cause will always bring you to an unfortunate situation. 

Accordingly, it is necessary for a person to not get impacted by the people around them. They should examine the outcome of the deed strictly. So that they no may perpetrate anything fatal for themselves. 

As this world is full of terrible people, so you need to be comprehensive before trusting anybody. A genuine problem affecting multiple of the youngsters of the world is peer pressure. Teens often end up in the false direction due to the misleading advertisings offered by society. 

Presently, children face many sorts of forces, including smoking, staying past their curfew times, drinking, and even conducting intercourse even if they are not prepared.

Advantages of Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is beneficial in many ways. Most honorably it creates a sense of enthusiasm in the person. Which moreover forces someone to cross the obstacle and accomplish something big. 

Likewise, it boosts the confidence of a person. Because our brain contemplates people’s opinions and makes them a priority. Several salesmen and Entrepreneurs use this strategy to impact people to buy their products. 

Whenever we are in a social meet we constantly get numerous suggestions. Accordingly, when a person gets these suggestions the brain already starts liking them. Or it establishes a better image of that aspect. This compels the person to buy the product or at least consider it. This peer pressure method also works in creating a decent character of a person. 

For illustration, when we recommend someone for a particular job, the interviewer already gets a promising image of that person. Because he is approved by a person the interviewer trusts. Therefore there is a tremendous likelihood of that person getting hired. 

Above all the important advantage of peer pressure can be in youth. If a young person gets impacted on by an individual or a group of people. He can achieve bigger heights in his career.

Disadvantages of Peer Pressure

There are several disadvantages of peer pressure which can damage a person in many ways. If any individual is not willing to execute a task then the peer pressure can be baffling to him.

Furthermore, peer pressure should not be in an unreasonable manner. Because it lands a pessimistic impact on the person. A person should be of the mindset of hearing to himself first. While considering opinions in favor of him.

Peer pressure in youth from bad companies can lead a person to a nasty situation. Furthermore, it can also hinder a student’s career and researches if not avoided. Youth these days are much impacted by the glamorous life of stars. And since they follow them so much, these people become their counterparts. 

Thus they do such things that they should not. Drugs and smoking are crucial examples of this. Besides most shocking is that the juveniles are even doing these things. This can have antagonistic effects on their growth and career. 

It is essential to judge the consequence of a deed before getting influenced by peers. Furthermore, peer pressure should always be secondary. Your thoughts and wants should always have priority.

As youngsters nowadays are considerably impacted by celebrities, so in a way, these people also evolve their peers. As a result, they do things done by the stars, smoking, and drugs in substantial cases. In a means, this furthermore damages an individual’s growth. 

Based on the study, an average of 34% of teens has accomplished drugs, and 71% of teens already have attempted alcohol by the end of higher-secondary school. So from the outcomes, we can say that most or all adolescents would try to get their hands on drugs and alcohol due to the enormous peer pressure they face. 

Before getting impacted by any of the peers, it is essential to mediate any deed result. Besides, one should always prioritize his opinions and wants before getting exploited by peer pressure and should always be secondary. Adolescence is a phase when a youngster wishes adult-like treatments as they start to look like an adult on the exterior, but the inner can be easily influenced. 

Taking advantage of these circumstances, many peers motivates criminal activities, aggression, and other antisocial behaviors.

The only way to halt these aggressive behaviors among youngsters caused by peer pressure is by educating kids on tips about telling no when required and keeping up away from peers who pressure them to do things that they are not prosperous doing or are dangerous. 

They have to spend time with other kids who can say no to peer pressure and always discuss any adult they trust if they have difficulty resisting peer pressure. The parents and teachers should pay notoriety to the kids to communicate with them if they face any difficulties.

Written By - Loveleen Tiwari 
Edited By - Akash Verma