The Role of Security and Intelligence Agencies in a Democracy

Today we are living in a phase of modernization were, everything has become very much systematic whether it is about technology, lifestyle, or crime. It is not like to have a war and protect ourselves with an army only. The overall security and safety of the canning bee ensured only if we intelligently use the resources and information.

Now intelligence agency plays a key role to maintain the security of the country. as they give information to law enforcement agencies regarding terrorism, drug trafficking, international organized crime and much more such illegal activate which could harm the security and integrity of the nation. 

Intelligence agencies are often asked to collect or provide information regarding foreign persons or entities who are in the circle of suspension.

The intelligence agency plays a dual role, 1st of collecting the raw information and the 2nd is to analyze the information accordingly, checking its authenticity and reliability. The process and functioning of an intelligence agency might seem simple but very complex and important as the information and action can shape the security and integrity of the nation.

Different Security Agencies for Different Purpose

The Research and Analysis Wing - Research and Analysis Wing is the foreign intelligence agency of India. The agency's primary function is to collect foreign intelligence, counter-terrorism, Counterproliferation, and advising Indian policymakers to draft the foreign policy according to the intel given by Research and Analysis Wing. 

Before 1968, IB was responsible for both internal and external intelligence. But after 1968 RAW has been formed to mainly focus on the evil intension of Pakistan and chain and on several occasions it proved that its formation is a great decision.
  • Intelligence Bureau
The Intelligence Bureau is India's domestic intelligence, internal security intelligence agency controlled by the ministry of home affairs. Intelligence Bureau monitor different accepts is the premier investigating agency of India.
  • CBI
The Central Bureau of Investigation is established in 1941 by the government of India 1941 it is known as and is the principal police investigation agency
which is established in 1941 by the government in India. 

In governance from its internal lintels. Intelligence Bureau also having an SES ( special inquiry and surveillance unit) which is having the task of monitoring and development related to the parliamentary undertaking.
  • Special Police Establishment (SPE) and the Function of the Special Police
The establishment (SPE) was to investigate the case of bribery or corruption during the second world war which is from 1939- 1945. After world war 2, the need for Special Police Establishment (SPE) cannot be undermined thus The Delhi Special Police Establishment Act was therefore brought into force in 1946. 

The Delhi Special Police Establishment gets its popular name CBI from a draft of the ministry of Home Affairs.

The main area of operation of The Central Bureau of Investigation is the case that is against the fundamental of a central government employee, the cases where the monetary interest of central government lies. These two are the major area of operation of The Central Bureau of Investigation.
  • NIA- 
The National Investigation Agency is India's counter-terrorism task force. National Investigation Agency does not need state permission to perform tasks. 
  • National Investigation Agency
National Investigation Agency as the counter-terrorism unit of India. National Investigation Agency directly reports to the ministry of Home affairs and also comes under the umbrella of the Ministry of Home Affairs. 
  • NCB- 
Ncb came into reality with the enactment of the National Investigation Agency Act 2008 by the Parliament of India on 31 December 2008. 

Many terrorist attacks like 9/11 happen due to the failure of intelligence and to deal with all those failures which could lead the country to suffer from this type of severe terrorist attack the parliament decided to form the Narcotics Control Bureau (aka NCB), which is India's law enforcement and intelligence agency which is having the responsibility to combat drug trafficking in India. 

The Narcotics Control Bureau comes under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. The Narcotics Control Bureau had been set up on 17th march of 1986 and it is responsible to coordinate with other states as well as agencies to combat drug abuse and other such related issues. 

The DG(Director General) of the Narcotics Control Bureau is an IPS or IRS rank officer.

Written By - Shivam 
Edited By - Akash Verma

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