Simi Prakash Anand - Ammaya Vox Believes Every Business Has A Story, We Help Our Clients Create A Powerful Experience For Their Brand Story, And Let Them Focus On What They Do Best (Founder & Chief Of Ammaya Vox, India)


Every brand is unique and has a story of its own. This is not something where your name does the talking, your brand should be the one talking volumes and stand out in the crowd. People put their heart and soul and all they got into their businesses. Our job is to help them catalyse the brand image.

1. Tell us about your company and your journey.

Ammaya Vox is a start up venture for Marketing Solutions, Brand Strategies, Advertising Campaigns, Storytelling, Media Planning, & Podcast Production. We believe in making things happen and giving an idea a concrete shape. Our niche is to give personalised services to our clients. 

Every brand is unique and has a story of its own. This is not something where your name does the talking, your brand should be the one talking volumes and stand out in the crowd. People put their heart and soul and all they got into their businesses. Our job is to help them catalyse the brand image.

My 15 years of professional journey from being a hard core Corporate Professional to an Entrepreneur has been long and tough, from being a fashion retail consultant and marketing professional to getting your own company is a different ball game. 

Being a creative person at heart, I was always fascinated towards creative side of the work and, therefore, got into promotional gifting and printing for corporates. I then moved on to making creative videos, planning marketing strategies, storytelling, and then finally podcasting. Today we cater to all good brands and deal with clients from varied sectors and industries in India and Abroad.

2. How did you come up with this idea and go about executing it?

After quitting my job, I got an opportunity to create promotional t-shirts for a pharma company. My prior experience in fashion helped, and it turned out to be the turning point. My brother supported me and we used our father's company to supply the t-shirts. This made me realise that to begin with, I could actually get into the creative line of printing and promotional designing and storytelling. Me and my brother started off with INR 5 lacs and today we are close to INR 5 cr!

After Covid had impacted everyone and disrupted the lifestyles of many, I started listening to a lot of podcasts and that’s the time I decided to start podcast production as it is the new marketing tool and I could offer useful information through it. 

Podcast is an extremely potential marketing tool for corporates as it is something that the country's youth is getting hooked to. According to a KPMG report, India is the 3rd largest podcast listening market globally and is expected to be valued at 17.2 cr by 2023. So, it is pretty evident that podcasting is here to stay as a prominent marketing tool. If you want to tap the potential and reach out to the younger generation about your product, I strongly suggest you get a podcast done. Ammaya Vox is here to help you with that.

3. What has been your biggest challenge that you faced and how did you overcome that?

The biggest challenge for me was being a woman entrepreneur. I wasn't taken seriously by a few people who judged me by my gender in the corporate space. I overcame this by deciding to prove them wrong and kept going despite the hurdles.

4. What do you think are the most important qualities of a successful entrepreneur?

As an entrepreneur I was always ready to take calculated risks and quick decisions. What really counts is our own experience and self confidence, followed by a bit of luck. The key is to exhibit integrity towards your work. I have always been a go getter and a dreamer. One has to have a vision for his venture to decide the future course.

5. What are some of the most important factors for running a successful business?

The ability to drive teamwork is very crucial. Always start a business that matches your personality. Just go ahead and do what you want - even if it isn’t perfect in the beginning. Empathise with clients for long-lasting relationships. Employee morale is something which is of prime importance for the success of any firm.

6. What are your tips for first time and aspiring entrepreneurs?

You'll need your best idea, a strong work ethic and perseverance for the days where things just don’t go your way. Be passionate, confident and believe in yourself. Do your research before coming up with the right idea and approach. You’ll face challenges along the way but as long as you are willing to persevere there's nothing stopping you from building a business that lasts a lifetime.

7. How can one overcome a hurdle of lack of funds when starting up?

When faced with lack of funds to start your venture then you either opt for a loan, register as an MSME or borrow from someone who believes in your idea or the concept. Look for investors who will see the potential in your business idea and help you on the funds side of things.

- Simi Prakash Anand

Graduate from Delhi University 

Post Graduate in Marketing Merchandising & Production from Pearl Academy of Fashion, Delhi

Fashion Illustration Grading and Pattern Making from NIFT, Delhi 

Ex Senior Fashion Marketing Manager, E-Commerce venture by NDTV 

Ex Fashion Head Marketing 

Ex Fashion Head at Craftisan - E-Commerce website for Indian Artisans and Weavers 

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