Motherhood or Career Womanhood: The Phase Of Every Woman Who Loves Both

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An ambitious woman's first day at work is an extremely exciting experience. Seeing herself as a career-oriented woman, she begins to visualize her student dreams. In addition, she gains financial independence, which is a major upgrade for her.

As the years' pass, she dreams more, works harder, and burns night lamps in her efforts to reach new heights in her career. Work appreciation, bonuses, and incentives, all enhance her professional life. She craves a smooth, easy life with plenty of opportunities.

Her life is filled with her interactions with old friends, shopping for all the things she enjoys, and also supporting all her fellow beings. The greatest satisfaction she receives at work comes from overcoming all the problems. Her transformation from an unruly, bubbly teenager to a responsible adult occurs at this time.

Changes She Must Deal With

The biggest decision of her life is whether to take up a career or become a wife. No matter how she feels about getting married, she can't escape it. She faces her first slowdown at this point in her career.

While starting a new life with lots of emotions and dreams, she still finds the strength to push forward after the wedding. When she is too dedicated at work, she can gradually pick up the pace until she maintains her zeal for the job.

As she prepares to become a mother, she faces a second challenge. Again, she is faced with a major decision. Almost no woman would give up becoming a mother easily. After the second time, her career slows down as her health takes priority.


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Being a parent is such an amazing phase in her life that almost everything changes for her after that. During the first 5-6 months after giving birth, her career is completely out of her mind. This is a wonderful time in her life, filled with a lot of emotions. She enjoys every moment of being a mother while completely immersed in her child's growth. 

She faces a potentially alarming situation when she needs to return to work. She is no longer an entirely career-oriented woman who was swimming in a sea of possibilities. She is no longer appreciative of the compliments she receives at work. Despite her busy work schedule, her mind is always focused on her child. 

Getting back to work takes too much energy this time. Moreover, she is the one who deserves to work if she can continue into the future and focus on her career. We salute all the mothers who balance career and motherhood.

A woman who balances work at home, family life, and especially parenting does an incredible job. Furthermore, if she is successful in earning a living and supporting her family in return, then she is tremendous.

Moms Face a Variety of Challenges Every Day

Each morning begins with a to-do list. Even if she wakes up at the crack of dawn, she ends up being late for work most of the time. While cooking, cleaning, and assisting, she forgets to eat. In addition to her scheduled work, she has to deal with family concerns half of the time.

As a career-oriented woman, she is no less concerned with work. She is competent enough to deal with all those around her at work. To this day, all her goals have been met, all her tasks have exceeded her expectations. Her life advances despite all the hurdles she faces with a smile.

Her Health is at Risk

Source: Times Of India

As a result of doing so much, she ends up harming herself. The health of women after their 40s starts to deteriorate. Psychosomatic disorders hurt the health of women. It's mostly hormonal issues that bother her, as well as malnutrition and arthritis. 

It is her emotional abuse, neglect, and unappreciation from family members that bring her down more than anything else. In addition to doing all she can to provide for her family, women also need some care to stay focused on their goals.

A restless woman breaks down one day when she cannot handle her responsibilities. It's high time we pay attention to her health. Family and friends can make her feel pushed to the limit by their little acts of kindness. 

Here's What We Can Do


The little act of kindness you do for that woman will mean the world to her. 

1. At least try to keep her company when she is sharing

2. Be patient with her as she may have made simple mistakes 

3. Let her know how much you value all she's done for you

4. Provide assistance whenever possible with simple household tasks

5. Before the situation worsens, consider her health

6. Your family will better understand each other if you take time away from your regular tasks

I hope this article fulfills your desire to be recognized for all you do, despite the hurdles, as a career-oriented mother. If you know any women who deserve recognition, please send them a note of appreciation. In such a case, it accomplishes the purpose. To all the mothers who love their careers while also being mothers, big applause goes out to you.

Written By - Dr. Nayana Shree Suresh 

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