Ami Bhat - Traveling Was Always A Part Of My Life, Whether Work Or Pleasure, I Have Always Enjoyed My Journeys (Travel Blogger, India)


With a crazy corporate life, there was always this need to escape the madness and spend some quality time with my family

1. Tell us about your upbringing & journey.

I was born in Gujarat but moved to Abu Dhabi as a kid. I completed my initial education there and then moved back to India for the rest. After my post-graduation, I met my husband who is an IT professional. We are two diverse personalities with a few common passions – Badminton and outdoors being two of them.

Like most other working couples, we spend the first few years of our marriage trying to earn the bucks, until our bundle of joy comes along. Our daughter brought in a lot of balance to our life. A teen now, she too, shares our passion for Badminton and outdoors

2. When did you start travelling and how did you decide to start your Instagram page?

Traveling was always a part of my life. Whether work or pleasure, I have always enjoyed my journeys. With a crazy corporate life, there was always this need to escape the madness and spend some quality time with my family. 

Every long weekend was the perfect opportunity to embark on a new adventure. In addition to that, we earmarked at least two longer vacations in a year. 

It was only around 7 years back that I began documenting these travels on my blog – This is around the same time I began my Instagram page. 

3. What are the best road trips have you taken across the country?

There have been numerous memorable road trips of which two really stand out. One is a complete Rajasthan circuit that lasted for over 10 days. This not only covered 4 major cities but included quite a few offbeat destinations along the way. There were a lot of unplanned stops and extensions. 

The 2nd one was a roundtrip from Delhi to Ladak. This was a 2 week journey that took me through 4 different states and stunning landscapes. The terrain was quite harsh and the trip was full of adventures. The road trip let me experience diverse cultures and contrasting landforms. 

One day we were traveling through green meadows & snowy mountains and the next day, we were crossing cold deserts and then there would be pristine blue lakes and rivers. This was the trip that made me fall in love with Ladakh – a place that I returned to every successive year till 2018. 

4. What do you think made your content popular?

From what my readers tell me, they find the content relatable. They enjoy my style of narration that is accompanied by vivid pictures and useful tips. I guess, that is what makes it shareable/

5. Which is your favourite travel destination in India and the world?

This is one question that every traveler finds it difficult to answer. I cannot name one but here are a few. In India, I have always enjoyed Ladakh. Udaipur is one of my favorite cities and I totally dig the architectural splendor of Chettinad and Hampi. Coastal Karnataka and Andamans are some of my favorite beach destinations.

When it comes to the world – the list includes Gili islands in Indonesia, Mirissa in Sri Lanka, Bhutan as a country, Gold Coast in Australia….I guess I can go on but for now will stop here. 

6. Are you someone who likes to take control of the wheel or stay back whilst enjoying the scenic vistas?

I enjoy them both – though I get fewer opportunities to take the wheel. The scenic vistas always keep me occupied on a road trip and never let me sleep. I guess the only time I fall asleep is when it gets dark and we are still traveling. 

7. Where does your inspiration to write lie?

The destination itself is my inspiration to write. They always tell me numerous stories that I like to relieve through my own writing. This was my inspiration to write my first book – When Places come Alive. Unlike my blog and Instagram page, this book is a travel fiction covering 10 different destinations. 

8. Which is your favourite book and why?

I have always enjoyed reading Dan Brown – the mysteries set in Paris and Rome definitely vetted my appetite to visit these places. 

- Ami Bhat

Ami Bhat is a marketing post- graduate by qualification who has turned into full-time travel writer and blogger by passion. 

A travel enthusiast, who loves sports, photography and dancing with equal passion, Ami believed in planning a get-away for every long weekend that can come up through the year. She began documenting her travels on her blog – thrillingtravel to not just relive her travels but also, share information with other travelers. 

Over time, her blog rose in popularity and won her several accolades like the Best Travel Blog of India, Top 100 Travel Blogs across the world, Top Solo Woman Travel Blogger etc. She now writes not just for her blog, but also for websites and publications like BBC Travel, Lonely Planet, Deccan Herald and Shubh Yatra.

She has recently published a book –“When Places Come Alive” which showcases various destinations through stories based on their culture, heritage, art, people and landscapes

- Website: Thrilling Travel

 - Instagram: Ami Bhat

- Interviewed By Pearlina Marie Rein