Sanskar Khemani - I Look at Every Challenge as an Opportunity (Food and Lifestyle Blogger from Nagpur, India)

I have put in content of 1700 plus posts only on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook are different, so, that actually needs a lot of hard work. 

Tell us about your upbringing, background and journey.

I started my food blogging journey after my class 10 board exams and I used to post pictures about food, I didn't know about this term food blogging but later my friends told me that there is something known as food blogging.

Being a foodie, my friends told me that I can pick up this thing because I used to go to new places everywhere in my city (Nagpur) and encouraged me to pursue it passionately.

So, what I used to do was I used to just randomly post pictures without writing things to describe them, I just used to post about them but when I came to know about food blogging, it became professional. I started to write captions describing the place, the rates, the taste, everything.


When did you start blogging?

I started this after my class 10 and it’s almost 3.5 to 4 years that I've been into food blogging.

What type of content do you enjoy creating more lifestyle, food or travel related?

I started my journey as a food creator. Later, I thought that I can go into lifestyle and fashion because I like fashion was somewhere or the other, I am into fashion.

I used to dress up very differently, and I was thinking if I should start something and post about these things as well. With fashion and food, I thought there are many things that are going just casually, so that becomes a lifestyle.

In general, food is the top priority, I enjoy creating food content because it's my base. It's like you should never forget your roots. But along with that, I love creating fashion and lifestyle content as well.


What have been the biggest challenges you have faced in this industry?

When I speak about challenges, to be honest, I have looked at everything as an opportunity.

I just don't think like I have to face this or I have to set back anything for me, I just face everything like it's okay if it's coming, I have to overcome this.

But one of the things that I realized is that you’ll always have people who will try to put someone down. When you create a lot of hard work and put in everything, there are some more days when people don't appreciate what you do.

People feel that food blogging is about getting free food, but if you ask me, we get up as early as six in the morning for some shoots, then go to those places, cover them, then come back home, edit them and the next day post them. This actually is a cycle of 1 post.

I have put in content of 1700 plus posts only on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook are different, so, that actually needs a lot of hard work. Not everything we do behind the scenes is visible to people and they assume that it is easy and anybody can do it. That’s okay, but what I feel is that people only realize how hard things are once they actually do it by themselves.


What does your typical day look like?

That's an interesting question. There are two perspectives. As a content creator on some days of my week, I shoot and some days are just rest days.

Starting with the food aspect first, my day starts around 10 or 11. So the first thing that I do is get up and post videos on Facebook, then edit stuff for Instagram.

My routine cycle is that after posting on Facebook I edit stuff for my Instagram like reels or maybe IG TV and then after that I have lunch, then I would go to the gym and after I come back home, I put my post for YouTube or Instagram depending on what I have to post and which is the day.

Actually, I'm a night person so I do most of my editing at night, be it for YouTube or Facebook, for Instagram, which I'll cover in the midday hours. In the middle, I have some time for myself, I work at night nights because I am a person who likes working under pressure for tomorrow's post, which motivates me

If you ask me about a normal day routine, it’s very casual. I wake up around 12 and then have a cup of tea.


Is there any routine of going out for blogging?

Actually, it depends on the area or the food you are covering.

Like there are some places for which, I have to get up at 5:00 or 6:00 AM in the morning and then some places that I need to go out in the evening or in the afternoon. It depends upon the places, but if you ask me any particular day, there’s nothing as such.

There are days when I continuously eat out for 3 – 4 days after which I feel tired of outside food. The remaining days of the week are rest days where I edit stuff for Instagram or Facebook and spend time by myself.


Which is your favourite dessert and what makes you appreciate it?

My favourite dessert has always been cheesecakes. I am a total cheesecake lover. If I do not get that perfect cheesecake, I am disappointed with that.

So, it's that cream cheese which is there in the cheesecake as a filling is important. I like Lotus Bischoff on cheesecake or Nutella, the typical blueberry and lime, these are some of my favourites and I just love eating them. You cannot say no to a cheese stick any time of the day. So, it's only appreciation for cheesecakes.


Which is your favourite movie or show?

I love suits. It's amazing you need to see all seasons and I'm damn sure you'll love it but you need to watch it in continuity because it's a very continuous show. So, suits for me has always been favourite with the reason being is it has taught me many things in life. It is not exactly real-life based, but the situations in suits are real time-based.

You relate yourself to those friendships those you know breakdowns in your life, how to overcome them, how to fight against the world, how to stand up. Those things have taught me a lot.

So in short, if you ask me suits has given me so much positivity in life and I have taken a lot from it, and some part of money heist as well, like how to use your brain. If you see Professor there, how cunningly he's using his brain. I am totally inspired by Professor.

Sanskar Khemani


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