The She Unit - Being A Female Dance Crew, We Have Face Many Challenges, We Have Been Sexualized For Everything We Do And Things Have Not Been Easy For Us (Dancers, India)


 Every single teenager in South Asia like us are full of talent and dreams but they are suppressed because of parents who are not aware of the heights their child can reach with their talents and lack of support

1. Tell us about your background and journey.

We are just 8 normal girls from a middle class family. We never even dreamed about becoming dancers or even dancing as a crew together. We don’t have a floor of our own or costumes to wear for competitions. We make use of every little thing we have. 

We still exchange and repeat clothes very often and we love it. Our families are the definition of the typical south Indian parents. Yes they are strict but we are so grateful that they've helped us in many ways that we don’t know. 

Even though they don’t support us 100 percent, we are damn sure without them we are not going to be here today. One of our goals is to show the people how even the girls with littlest financial support and talent like us can also grow towards their dreams.

2. How did you guys pursue dancing? 

First we started off from our own class rooms for entertaining our friends, friends mean so much to us. So we wanted to make them happy. We used to dance only for our hobby but not as a passion. 

We occupied a huge space in our friend’s hearts, so we received a very huge and pure support from our friend's. We never really thought about taking our dance to a next level but danced for our happiness. 

Even though we did not take dance seriously at that time, the appreciation that we got from our well-wishers were really special to us, because we've never really expected people to like and appreciate us, we felt so special and loved every time we get the smallest wishes. 

We started developing serious interests in dancing, because all those strengthening comments motivated us to a very large extent. 

Eventually we wanted to do more of it and our passion grew bigger, we began reaching out to small dance competitions that were held in and near Coimbatore. That was how slowly we wanted to pursue a good outcome out of dancing.

3. Did you guys get the necessary spotlight?

As we said before, before we were a crew we never really understood about the technics and ethics of dancing and how it works out in our society and country. We love pop culture and we were really fond of all the trends happening around the world. 

Unfortunately only after we formed a crew and started dancing seriously we understood the lack of recognition and support that we south Asians get. 

Every single teenager in South Asia like us are full of talent and dreams but they are suppressed because of parents who are not aware of the heights their child can reach with their talents and lack of support. 

Because most parents are still not very much supportive because of the taboo that has been created on pursuing as an artist in life because they believe that we can survive only if we become a doctor, teacher or jobs similar to that. 

But even after all the struggles if someone starts growing in their talent, they are not given proper appreciation and opportunity to go further more. We really wish to change that and bring the pop culture in Tamilnadu. That is our main goal as of now.

4. What are the drawbacks you get from the society when you pursue dancing?

Everyone knows how our society is. It can be both very supportive and very brutal sometimes. And being a girl crew we have to face so many things on a daily basis. We have been sexualized for everything we do and obviously it is not easy for us. 

Because of some people like this it upsets us and also our family members. That is the main reason parents are very much concerned about letting girl dancers perform. But we've never taken any of the body shaming comments to our head but only as our motivation. 

It makes us want to grow more and more. The hate and body shaming comments are only for our own entertainment because we get to see how much people can be pissed off and disappointed when we achieve something that they can’t do. 

Many talented girls are hesitant to follow their dreams just because of our biased society. We really are very much disappointed thinking how our own people like to body shame us to a very extreme extent. 

We really wish people could just normalize girls doing whatever they want and not being sexualized. These comments are never going to affect our crew in anyways.

5. Do you guys get the necessary financial support? 

We are not from a rich background but just a normal crew with limited resources. So we are trained to make use of whatever we have. 

We always feel like we can’t do the dance properly without even a floor but somehow at the end we make it work, and to be honest sometimes even we feel surprised and happy because even though we don’t do high quality content people still appreciate and cheer for our work. 

We are so grateful to our terrace, the place where we danced for the first time. We exchange and borrow clothes pretty much all the time and we all bring small amount of money every time we practice for food. Even though we don’t eat till our stomachs full being with the crew and spending time with them is fulfilling enough for us. 

Our parents try so much to make us happy and we are definitely so happy. But we are still learning and growing, so we are sure we will strive to reach greater heights in the future. 

The lack of financial support doesn't seem to affect us because we are surrounded by good hearted people who support us even though we are still learning the professionalism.

6. How strong is your unity?

We've been together since our sixth standard, but became a dance crew only 2 years back. We are just like a normal girlfriend group. We fight at least two times per week but our friendship grows every time we have an argument.

 Friendship is the only thing that brought us together and has been a pillar of support and happiness in our darkest times as a crew. We can easily understand and communicate within ourselves more easily after becoming a crew.

This has been our family and happiness for the past two years. We've faced success and failure together. We just wish that we lived close to each other so that we can be together all of the time.

Even when our family didn’t know the struggles that we were going through personally which was mentally very painful, our crew members always was there for each other. We really are blessed to have met. We could never ask for anything more than our bond which will definitely grow more as days pass. 

We were actually told that girl groups are always full of drama and will never last, but we are and will keep proving them absolutely wrong. Having small misunderstandings, ups and downs are all part of our learning. 

We hope we can make our well-wishers proud and our haters regret the comments they made about our talent and unity. We will grow together and learn together.

She maintains the vibe of the crew.
She is a charming person and the one who falls down on every show.

The fashionista of the crew.
The one who is more knowledgeable about the western culture.

Tomboy and philosopher of the crew.
The goofiest and friendliest member.

Enthusiastic and energetic member of the crew.
She is the horror addict of the crew.

The clumsiest member and the one who makes everyone laugh just by standing and doing nothing.

Boldest and hardworking member of the crew.
The savage of the crew.

Silent and graceful girl of the crew and a introvert.

Shawty and guider of the crew.
The heart of the crew.

- Interviewed By Lakshme Priyaa 

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