Jerud Hanson - Rome Wasn't Built In A Day, Neither Were My Accomplishments (Founder And CEO - USA Nuclear , Washington DC)


Jerud Hanson

Jerud Hanson is the founder and CEO of USA Nuclear, a consulting firm of professionals specializing in providing expertise relating to nuclear non-proliferation defense and security, protection of critical infrastructure and cybersecurity.

 USA Nuclear’s efforts are highly focused on assisting government and non-government organizations in matters critical to national security and defense.

Prior to beginning his career as a nuclear professional, Hanson served in the U.S. Marines. 

1.Tell us more about your background, company, and your journey.


I have over 25 years of experience working with the government and private sector in critical infrastructure protection, nuclear security, cybersecurity, defense, and nuclear energy policy.

My experience includes military service in the U.S. Marines, numerous physical security leadership positions at a U.S. nuclear power plant, and over 10 years addressing nuclear policy issues in Washington, DC.

In 2018, I founded "USA Nuclear", a consulting firm providing advisory services to clients responsible for safeguarding nuclear critical infrastructure assets.

2.Can nuclear power production be kept safe from natural disasters?


Nuclear power plants are built tough so they can produce reliable, carbon-free power in virtually any type of weather.

Nuclear plants are constructed with multiple and redundant layers of protection so that in the case of extreme weather, workers and the public are protected. 

The nuclear industry in the United States has a long track record of safe operations even including periods of extreme weather.

3.What is the future of nuclear energy according to you?


Nuclear energy is already the second largest source of clean energy worldwide, and the largest source in the United States, European Union, and other advanced economies.

While growth of nuclear energy has slowed in the West, next-generation reactors are expected to offer better economics and faster construction timelines. In addition, keeping existing nuclear plants operating is a cost-effective way to produce clean power.

4.What are the hurdles you faced during this pandemic and how did you overcome them?


Because we are already operating USA Nuclear as a completely remote enterprise, aside from travel being significantly reduced, operations of USA Nuclear were not too adversely affected.We maintain a strong partnership in our work with our clients which has helped us work through this situation effectively.

If there was any hurdle to overcome, it was ensuring an active and healthy lifestyle for my family, while ensuring our children continued to receive a quality education and continued social interaction with their friends. My wife and I have accomplished this, but it has not been easy.

5.What do you think are the most important qualities a leader should possess?


Depending on what source you cite, it appears there are literally hundreds of thousands of books that continue to be written about leadership, so obviously this is a subject where opinions vary considerably. 

But if I were to describe two of the best qualities of what it takes to be an effective leader, I would say these qualities need to be consistent with those you would want to have in any relationship.

The primary ingredient in just about any relationship is trustworthiness. If people do not feel they can trust you, they will not follow you. A leader should also be inspirational to those they lead; a leader gives people confidence and hope.

Generally, the people who are considered the best leaders, are those who when others look at that person, they see what kind of person they would like to be.

6.Who inspired you the most in life?


Growing up as a youth I was inspired by my parent's hard work and dedication while raising a family, working, and running a business. This is where I began to develop my work ethic. 

This was further reinforced through my experience in the Marine Corps serving my country and learning what it meant to be a leader of diverse professionals dedicated to the same mission objectives. 

I took this experience and applied it to being a full-time student while working full-time alongside my wife who’s been by my side since the Marines. I now find inspiration through her and the two wonderful children we continue to raise together in our continued journey.

If my experience has taught me anything, it is that it will always be those closest to you who inspire you the most in life.

7.What are your tips to youngsters who want to create an impact in this sector?


My advice to the younger generation of nuclear professionals and those in any professional field for that matter, is that if you want to have an impact on anything in life, have patience and perseverance.

I can confidently claim that I have had an impact in my profession, both domestically and internationally. But just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither were my accomplishments.

I’ve enjoyed a diverse career and an exciting life with my fair share of challenges and having to work through adversity, but I only established USA Nuclear three years ago, my children are still young, and I feel as though my journey in life has just begun.

Interviewed by - Krishaa Radhakrishnan


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