Call Them 'Homemakers', Not 'Housewives'

In India, traditionally it was believed that women are made in heaven so as to do the work that is inferior to men. They are brought up by their parents so as to one day get imprisoned in a world where her life starts with her husband and ends with him, too.

But in this article, I won’t be discussing the discrimination women went through in past days. In a world where humans are divided and discriminated against on the basis of gender, as soon as this ceased to exist ‘legally’, a new classification among the women came into existence: working women and Housewives or I should rather call them with the name ‘homemakers’.

Being A Homemaker is a Thankless Job:

As people started raising their voices against patriarchy and steps were taken to end this discrimination, women broke away from the shackles of patriarchy and found new wings to fly across the infinite sky. But there are still Some women who willingly choose to be a homemaker rather than being forced to become one, not because they are any less than others but because they are  humble enough to be selfless. women working outside the home and contributing towards their household expenses gets the reputation in their family as well as in the society but the women who contribute their hard work and time in doing household chores are neither appreciated for their sacrifices in their houses nor in the society, instead they are being asked, “What do you do sitting up at home?” 

Homemakers are invaluable assets:

Working women do have their fair share of troubles and struggles but why don't we look at the homemaker with the same respect as we look at the working women? Sometimes we forget that if our mothers, wives and sisters won’t be there at home looking after our basic necessities, then it won’t be possible for us to go outside and work. 

She wakes up early before everyone and sleeps at last making sure that every family member is off to his/her bed. I wonder where they get the strength to work endlessly from day to night and even if you ask her to prepare something special for supper or to do some extra work she would never turn you down. 

Some people argue that homemakers don’t get a salary and holidays or weekends mean more work or overtime to them.  But she never demands any remuneration but instead she wants appreciation and respect for her work. All she desires is the recognition of her work. Show her that you care when she is tired, sick and bored. Make her realize that she can be someone’s inspiration and role model. Take out some time from your day to make her feel that she deserves the best of everything , she is someone who adds the flavour of extra to the ordinary lives of every family member. 

Don’t be mistaken in thinking low esteem about her because she is no less than those working outside the house instead have respect and admiration for the sacrifice she makes and struggle she goes through every day. 

Written by: Harshita Bansal