Book Review: ‘Haunting Adeline’ - “Cat Got Your Tongue, Little Mouse?”


Haunting Adeline is a story of a girl who lives in a huge manor and her stalker who constantly threatens her but soon finds herself liking her stalker. This novel also portrays how the world of rich and corrupt people works. Although our male lead eradicates corrupt people, he is screwed up. He stalls the girls he likes and uses different ways to frighten them. She calls her little mouse because he played with the girls and scared her just like a cat does to a mouse.

It also later shows how the girl becomes a target of the organization which Zane was trying to eradicate. The story is left at a very crucial angle. 

Book Name: Haunting Adeline

Author: H.D.Carlton

Genre: Dark Romance 

Language: English

Synopsis- Spoiler Alert!

The story begins with the girl moving into the old Parson Manor after her grandmother's death. She knows that the manor is haunted and still moved in as she wants to find the real cause of her grandmother's death. She doesn't have the best relationship with her parents, especially her mother and she loved her grandmother a lot. She is a writer and on the day of the book signing, she meets a mysterious man but had no idea that this one meeting will change her life. That man becomes her stalker and threatens her. He also makes her stay away from all the men and threatens her that the men who come across her will lose their life. She soon starts liking her stalker. She starts helping and giving him what he wants. He protected her too when she and her best friend got into trouble which would have ended badly. But, finally, she only gets into a huge problem. 

About The Author: 

H. D. Carlton grew up in a small town in Ohio and suffered for years at the hands of Mother Nature cursing the area with all four seasons in a week. By day, she does boring adult stuff, by night, she’s putting her imagination into words as her cat climbs all over her. She published a few poems back in her days, but now she is devoted to turning poetry into a story. A story that preferably features wicked worlds with the worst kind of villains that don’t talk about themselves in the third person.

Famous Quotes:

  • "Baby, you rule the fucking kingdom, and I will gladly bow to you."
  • "Sometimes the happiest people are the saddest."
  • "Love is an enigma, and it's redefined every time someone says it."
  • "If it’s real, then I’ve chased you across time and space, and you’ve never been able to get away."

Bottom Line:

The story overall is great. The ending is a completely different thing. The Author leaves the story at a very important and crucial point. The suspense is a lot more and now the question is what will happen to the female lead? Who took her away? Where is Zane? What will happen next?

Till the next book arrives, we all have to wait. But, the book is itself a must-read. I prefer only 16+ to read this book. As it contains some content that is suitable for kids.

Happy Reading!

My rating for the book is 4.4/5 

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Written by Gungun Gupta