Jasmeet - For a Teacher, What Matters the Most Is the Students. If Your Students Are Happy (Teacher and Entrepreneur From India)

As I mentioned earlier, I used to teach myself while studying. I used to simplify things for myself and explain it to my brain. That’s the reason my channel name is STUDY WITH JASMEET. I stay original with how I actually explain anything to anyone. The process of learning is actually fun if it is explained in a simplified manner. 

1. Tell us about your background and journey.

When I was a kid, both my parents used run an Institute & teach. I used to accompany them. Right from my childhood, I saw teachers, students all around me. This was my early childhood. My parents had to shut the Institute down for some reason. 

I grew up. And as I reached 10th standard. In my neighborhood, someone asked me to teach their son. I took that tuition and started teaching. 

In my studies also, I always used to self teach myself. I used to explain myself out loud alone in my room. That's how I used to do my own studies. I taught all the subjects initially- English, Maths, Accountancy, Economics, Science, and whatnot. 

My 12th boards were over and now was the time to decide what I want to be in life. Because accordingly, I would be choosing my higher studies. 

So, I decided to make my career in teaching. I had no big dreams on how much do I want to earn in terms of money. There was a time when I was a student and with these tuitions which I used to take for 2 hours everyday, I was making 10k per month, which was a lot for me. 

Hence, I had a fully planned career. I planned that I'll pursue Diploma in elementary education. Where all my friends were running after North Campus, Delhi University. I chose a simple Institute for D.El.Ed. It wasn't like I haven't scored enough. I scored 93.75% in my class 12th which was enough for me to get into North campus. But my goal was clear. 

So, 2 years of diploma. After which I had to clear a teachers eligibility test (CTET), which I cleared in first attempt, and now I was eligible for the government job exam. 

Right after D.el.ed (graduation was still pursuing side by side), I joined an Institute for government job preparation. I took 6 months coaching and finally, the vacancies were out. 

Everything was going as per plans. I planned D.el.ed, then CTET, then a government job. I knew I'll get around 40k salary per month, which was more than enough for me. 

But life never takes you the way you plan. Life had some other plans for me. 

Unfortunately or fortunately, I didn't get selected and that too with only 1 mark. That was my first big failure in life. Before that, I never failed even a class single test ever. 

While I was preparing for D. El. Ed, I always teach myself while studying. So, I created a video, of CTET and D.el.ed for my YouTube channel, in a hope that many people will know me. I will not be limited to be known by a few students. 

Now I created a YouTube channel and posted 2-3 videos. But nothing was happening. So, I look for other videos on how to promote a YouTube channel, and how to gain views on YouTube. And started learning stuff. With my personal (private account), I texted some educational related pages asking feedback on my YouTube video. Someone suggested to create an Instagram account to promote YouTube. 

I started Instagram with zero knowledge on it. Did experiments. Posted useless content. Gradually learned what's niche is and a lot more things about Instagram and YouTube. 

This was going on. By the time I failed that government job exam. I had 5 thousand followers on Instagram. 

Now the question was. What's next? So, I decided to join a private school. I knew the salary would be less. But there was no use sitting at home ideal. 

I was pretty confident that I'll get a private job easily. I know I was a fresher but my marks, right from the beginning, were outstanding, plus I had been teaching since 10th standard and had 5k followers on Instagram. 

It didn't turn out to be as expected. It took me 3 months. Everyday applying to jobs, daily interviews. I used to go and drop resumes, didn't leave much schools in Delhi. It happened because unfortunately, our country has unemployment to the great level. A post graduate teacher was applying to primary teacher position. One job opening and hundreds of applicants. And of course, the one with past school experience get the job. 

And finally got a job in a school. I was appointed as a co-teacher. My salary was 12k per month. My dad said, "it's completely your choice if you want to do it because they're paying nothing. I pay this salary to my employee who's not even literate."

I decided to join it thinking I was not getting a job due to lack of experience and I anyways have to start somewhere. My dad happily agree to my decision. 

The moment I joined, there was lockdown, and considering my online teaching experience, the school promoted me as class teacher immediately but salary remained the same due to covid. I even helped the experienced teachers on how to teach online through zoom. 

I always loved teaching. But the school teaching system was something I didn't like much. It was great with kids and parents. But the fellow teachers & incharges never appreciate you and always criticize you for whatever you do. 

I remember, I was teaching and I explained one concept 3 times and my incharge was observing my class. After the class, she said it's not the way you should teach. Ask students to listen one time. You should not repeat yourself. 

The problem was that I was not able to teach the way I want to. Teaching is indeed the most respectable profession, but when you go to ground levels in the schools, teachers are the ones who are most disrespected. 

I was still doing the job and eventually through a referal, I got a part time job as a social media manager in a Spain-based startup. They showed faith in me by saying if you can manage your own Instagram page this well, you can definitely do it for us. They offered me $350 (around 25k INR). I accepted the offer and loved the work. 

Before this, I never know if marketing is a thing. And this is something for which you get paid. I started my teaching job in April and this social media in July. 

I did that teaching job for 9 months because of excess workload, less payment & overall everything. 

I decided to focus on marketing as my bread and butter. But I never wanted to leave teaching. So, I decided I'll be doing that through online mode and focus on content creation. 

I learnt marketing. My only mantra was to learn and apply. There's everything on Internet. It's the most powerful asset that we have. I did freelancing initially and finally established my own agency www.jkdigitalmarketingagency.com

Study with Jasmeet gave me everything. I always had a social proof, that if I can grow my own social media. I can definitely do it for you. Till now, I have worked with 48+ Global early-stage startups and have grown their social media organically. 

With Studywithjasmeet, I observed most people are still stuck at the basic level. And I believe if your foundation is not strong, it will definitely hamper you in long run. So, I made a Complete Basic English Course, which is available on my website www.studywithjasmeet.com

2. How and when did you decide that you wanted to go into the field of teaching and be an educator?

Teaching is something I’ve been doing since I was in class 10th and observing my teachers, not just what they teach but also how they teach. Since childhood, I was deep connected with the educational environment as both my parents were teachers. 

3. How did you make a presence on Instagram? What challenges did you face?

I never knew Instagram could be a platform where I’ll be creating content. I had been using Instagram but I had a private account. I followed meme pages and my friends’ accounts. I started YouTube initially. To promote that, I started Instagram. But there came a time where I got so occupied with other things in life- my school job, marketing career that I was building side by side.

I used to work 16-17 hours a day Monday to Sunday. But that was something I really enjoy doing. But due to so many things going on in my life, I couldn’t work on YouTube and took a long break. I continued Instagram. I have been doing it for past 2.5 years with no break on yet. 

The real challenge for me was to understand what content works, what not. For this, I was constantly connected to my audience in the DMs, I used stories to ask people what they’re struggling with the most. In fact, I still reply to every DM I get. Now I have a team for that.

But replying to DMs has always been a priority for me. And created content accordingly. Instagram was not giving me anything directly (monetary wise) but indirectly giving me business for my marketing work, I used to use this as a sole portfolio in the initial days. That gave me motivation. And when people truly like the content I post, support me- that was the time I knew I’ll never stop this.

4. How and where do you find inspiration to churn out content while making reels on Instagram?

I see some content creators in my niche. Initially, I tried to copy them, but then I realized I have to be original. Let’s not copy anyone else’s style but create your own style. I take content inspiration from various sources. Some books, internet and present it in an easy way so that people can learn new words or English Grammar Tips in an easy and crisp manner. 

5. Any advice that you would like to give to a budding educator/teacher?

You are unique in your own way. Everyone has their own teaching style. Be you! Anyone in school ask you to be someone else, that pisses you off. For a teacher, what matters the most is students. If your students are happy, you don’t have to listen to anyone. Listen to your students. Stay connected with them, try new ways of teaching, see what works best, what your students enjoy. Give your students an open environment to speak. A teacher should be a learner first. 

6. How do you make studying fun? What do you do and does it impact students?

As I mentioned earlier, I used to teach myself while studying. I used to simplify things for myself and explain it to my brain. That’s the reason my channel name is STUDY WITH JASMEET. I stay original with how I actually explain anything to anyone. The process of learning is actually fun if it is explained in a simplified manner. 

7. Do you have a mentor? If yes then who and why?

My father is my mentor. Everytime I feel I’m stuck with something, he gives me the direction to move ahead. He used to teach English in his institute and I, as a kid, used to attend all his batches. I observed his teaching pattern carefully.

The examples he used to give while explaining the particular concept are still there in my mind. He made my basics strong. Be it business or anything. I still call him 10 times a day to discuss almost everything. It’s not like he gives me solution, but gives me a direction to find my solutions myself. 

8. What was the 1st video that went viral and how did you react?

I experimented with different content pieces. Earlier, I created videos in which I’m speaking in English. After that, I switched my content and made some videos in Hindi. Daily use Hindi sentences and their translation in English. I posted around 10 videos (one each day) and suddenly all the videos suddenly started reaching 100k, 200k, and even 1 million, 2 million views. I was so happy then.

My hardwork was getting paid off. After that I realized that majority of my audience was struggling with basic English and those who want to learn Basic English, they’re not able to grasp and understand completely if I explain myself in English. That perhaps confuses them.

9. How was your journey as an educator and did you face any challenges which you would like to share?

My journey as an educator was always up and down, challenges are something I enjoy now. From finding a job as an educator to making sure to provide the best content to my audience, It’s full of challenges. But my mantra is not to give up. The people who see me from the outside probably think what a sorted life she has, after all, I’m just 22 years old right now. But those who know me closely, they know how confused I am for certain things when I’m trying to find the solution of a lot in life. 

I always say, There’s a long way to go, yet I’m glad I’ve covered a long path already. I’m always grateful for what I’ve. We all must be satisfied for what we have but should not be too satisfied that we don’t work. I believe if the universe has chosen me to build things and help others. I should make sure to help the maximum. 

Bio - 

Hi, I’m Jasmeet, popularly known as Studywithjasmeet. I’m an English teacher and an entrepreneur. My goal is to uplift people and take their career to the next level by helping them speak English fluently, which will bring in opportunities for them. As an Entrepreneur, and a marketing agency owner, I was able to work with 48+ Global startups because of good communication skills, just in 2 years and I’d be glad to be in a position to help others in achieving their career goals with excellent English communication skills.

Interviewed By - Shashank Sehgal

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