10 Fun Facts You Didn't Know About Shah Rukh Khan

Burj Khalifa

He is the one and only “The King of Bollywood”, Burj Khalifa has given a birthday wish to SRK. Every year the tower has been lighting up to wish him his birthday. This is a proud moment for India because no other Indian entertainer has gotten his accolade.

Real Name 

Shah Rukh Khan’s real name was supposed to be Abdul Rashid Khan. It was given by his grandmother. Then his father changed his name to Shahrukh Khan.

First Movie

Shah Rukh Khan’s first movie was Deewana. It was released in June 1992. He got a lot of fame from Om shanti Om, Baazigar, and a lot of his amazing movies.

Freedom Fighter Father From Pakistan

His father was amongst the youngest freedom fighters in India who struggled for Independence.

Poor At Hindi

Shah Rukh Khan was an average student.

King Of Romance

His films like DDDJ and Kal ho Na ho have time proven. He has a positive personality. He is known for his signature move and the romantic scenarios he creates in the movie.

Humble Being

He studied from a humble background. He is an introverted person. He said in an interview that it is very difficult for him to make new friends easily as he is shy.


When he was new in the industry and trying to make his name. It is said that he used to work 36 hours every day. He is a workaholic person.


He loves to eat tandoori chicken and sometimes mutton.

Own Production House

He has his own production house named Red Chilies Entertainment, which was launched in 2002 by SRK and his wife Gauri Khan, It was and still is a successful production house.

Written By: Apoorva Girai

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