Niki Mehra Madan - We Recently Did a Short Series on How to Reuse Your Expensive Wedding Outfits (A Renowned Fashion & Beauty Influencer)

Niki Mehra Madan

A renowned fashion & beauty influencer who has carved a niche in the fashion industry with her unique style. She has been featured in various magazines, has worked with over 500+ brands in the fashion, beauty and luxury space, has been on various podcasts, panels, radio shows, and news channels including CNN and is a TEDx speaker. Recently, she was the showstopper for a headliner show at South Asian New York Fashion week too. 


1. Tell us about your early career days and background.

I do not have any fashion background actually. I am a masters in economics  & I started out with a research job. Honestly it’s funny to think now, after almost 8 years, that I am doing something completely different!

2. How did you decide to carve a niche for yourself in fashion?

I have always loved fashion. My mom has always been very creative & my dad was into the clothes business so I think I got the best of both worlds from them. When I decided to start blogging, fashion was the obvious choice.

3. You have 500k followers on Instagram, what about your content ticks for so many people?

I would hope that my content adds some kind of value to my readers. We do multiple mini fashion series throughout the year where we help provide wardrobe solutions to our viewers- for instance, in lockdown I was doing a lot of hack videos where we were showing multiple ways to style the same clothing item. Then we did a bride related series where I was basically a virtual shopping guide helping my fellow girls shop wisely. We recently did a short series on how to reuse your expensive wedding outfits.

4. How is your style different from other fashion influencers?

I think style is always unique to one’s personality and that makes everyone different from the other.

5. How and why did you start your entrepreneurial journey?

I honestly stumbled upon it. Like I said I was pursuing a very serious academic career back in the day & I wanted a creative outlet. Blogging as an industry was very new then and it didn’t require me to quit my studies so I really stumbled upon it. The entrepreneurial part came very much later when I realized there is so much more that happens behind the scenes of being a “social media creator”.

6. What are your future goals?

On the work front, I definitely know that I want to continue creating content on social media. There are some really exciting things in the pipeline that you will know soon!

Interviewed by - Harmandip Kaur