Nilabh Banerji - Biryani Blues is a Decade Long Brand Since 2013 (AVP - Marketing & Customer Service)


Biryani blues is a decade-long brand since 2013 and has shown impressive growth and popularity within the last 10 years. It's evolving from being North India's oldest n largest Biryani brand to becoming a National Biryani brand of choice with 70+ outlets across10 cities (Delhi NCR, Punjab, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Agra, Lucknow, Bangalore, Mumbai, and many more coming up this year).

1. Tell us about your Company and journey? 

Mine has been a 2 decade long exciting and rewarding journey, of which one decade has been in the F&B domain while the rest has been across the Media, Banking, Retail, and Travel industry. I was part of CCD's initial Core team which took it to 500 cafes across 50 cities. Also worked with ABP Ltd, ICICI Bank, Planet M, and Cox&Kings.

2. How do you manage your Stress levels? 

Stress is a subjective term. Most people, they treat any new change as a threat/challenge which leads to stress. But I always took them up as Wonderful Opportunities to learn new skills which act as a platform for a bright future.

3. What's been the biggest challenge and how did you overcome it? 

CCD sponsors one of the 9 National Car Rallies in India at their Chikmagalur Western ghats. I was in charge of the event from CCD's end w.r.t. Media teams, coordination MAI (Motor sports authority of India), Uniform sponsor, Music band n Award ceremony as Grand Finale. All was well, except for a day-minute delay from Lee who was a Uniform sponsor (without which the Event wud get Cancelled). Just 15 hours before the Kickoff stage, I rushed back to Bangalore, tracked our uniform assignment, loaded in the car, and drove about 6 hours the whole night so reached just in time for the 7am Start time. Wow! What a ride.. 😎

4. What Sales tools do you use at work? 

Excel spreadsheets, Google and Facebook Analytics.

5. What are the most important factors for a successful business? 
  • Success comes to those who hang on the longest 
  • Cash flow management (6 months buffer)
  • Don't put the Cart before the Horse, plan Phase wise
  • Be like a Cockroach (can survive even in a Nuclear war) 
  • Can't have an Ego. Have Humility always.

6. What are the tips for aspiring marketing interns & measures for teams' success? 
  • Right Attitude
  • Team player
  • Skills and talent
  • Willing to hang on and play a Test match not a T20 player as only then do you give yourself and the Organization a real opportunity to learn, grow, and get rewarded for your efforts.

Interviewed By - Aarya Gode