Raj Sukheja - CEO of Several Companies Including Those Based Out of USA ( CXO - Business & Finance Specialist)


I have been in Business for over 25 Years, especially in Financial & Capital Raising as a Specialization. We do all kinds of Capital Raise inclusive of Simple Debt Loans to Private Equity along with IPO Support including SME IPO. Startups are our passion but we also do fundraise for larger and more mature organizations. I have been the CEO of several companies including those based out of the USA, UAE, Mauritius, Singapore, and India. My total working experience has been of over 35 years now. 

1. Tell us about your background and journey.

I currently manage a consulting firm out of Mumbai, India called Red Mammoth Ventures LLP which specializes in Business Strategy, Financial Consulting & Project Consulting. We are also angel investors in various startups and supporting their growth via our consulting. I am a speaker, mentor to many startups, author of 3 published books, and write articles on business and spirituality for many online and offline platforms. 

2. What is Your preferred Financial Daily and why?

No preference, I cross-refer many dailies and garner specific information from them.  

3. Your tips to the younger generation on how to go about understanding the basic financial stuff? 

It's all about passion. I recommend that it has to come from within. If one loves the subject, he will learn to become good at it. 

4. How can one know if Finance is the field for them? Can one take a test for the same?

Studying finance is one of the ways and motivation stems from reading news of all the top deals happening worldwide.   

5. One piece of advice that you feel would have helped you while starting out in this field?

Plan your career but keep your gut in mind, learning and intuition are invaluable. Sometimes you need to change your path. 

Interviewed by - Aarya Gode