Dr. Raina Khatri Tandon - Achievers possess " I CAN DO IT I SHALL DO IT " Attitude (Chief Executive Officier RIGHT2RISE(R) )

My message to all: Be the next generation Turnkey of Innovations – Never give up on an IDEA, Be open to suggestions, and Don’t ever stop by any failures or beliefs which test your Courage GO GET IT! 

 1. Can you Please Share your Journey so far with our readers? 

About Me: Dr. Raina Khatri Tandon is an internationally acclaimed speaker and Mentor who has been at various conferences and summits representing India on Gender Equality, Women and Child Rights & Inclusiveness. She holds a double degree in IT and Law. She is the founder of “Right2rise®️” (India s 1st ISO 17024 n 21001 accredited organization) & “RKT Foundation”, which is catering to Training, certifications, compliance, and auditing of various organizations and institutionalizing core values of justice equality, safety, and ethical values at workplaces. 

She is an Alumni of EDX Harvard, USA in Women's rights & Child psychology under Human Rights. She has been felicitated as Thrive Global 100 Mentors, Mentor at Cherie Blair Foundation, World Hrd Congress-Women in Leadership 2018 Awards & 101Most Fabulous GlobalTraining and development leaders Award2019 as and also the UN REX Karmveer Global Fellowship Awardee 2019-2020. Raina has represented India at World Women's Summit, 2020 and is also a Global Ambassador for sustainable SDG5 UN goals for gender equality, inclusiveness & UN chartered Human Rights. 

She has been working as an external ICC member on advisory for almost 500 organizations. As a young child, I always cherish 2 important learning of my life “Never stop learning and evolving” and always go for giving your 100 percent to what you do, start small but be persistent-Never give up these are the words of my parents always ringing in my mind. A meek reverent girl, from a North Indian joint family, born and brought up in Chennai(south India) people keep asking me how come to that combination. But one thing despite that was I was blessed to be holding with high values, and ethics instilled who my parents have always been open-minded to educate me(girl child) to the highest degree of a Master in VLSI System Design from the University of Westminster, U.K which I have conferred a scholarship based on my scores. 

Little did I know that after pursuing my master's I would meet a friend, Anisha who would ask me, casually to seek to learn a Counselling certification, from London and supporting society in the UK leading ahead to do my Research in VLSI tech from Edinburg which would be a turning point on having the vision to support child fraternity in India and transform from designing chips to designing lives. I returned to India and was determined to pursue further pathways on leading my passion of being a thought leader, a visionary, and fulfilling the dream to touch lives and create massive change as an “enabler” through training and coaching. 

I knew there is no looking back from my goals and hence, I decided to deep dive into academics, certifications, and courses and develop my knowledge and skills as I thought it would help me grow my mindset, broaden my horizon and make me an achiever. And yes, I was finally guiding a lot of societies, NGOs, organizations, and institutions soon into designing safe conducive workplaces by creating strategies that are implementable avoiding violence, and abuse, and creating real solutions. 

What stuck with me most is living an ethical life to leave a legacy behind for a safer future for our children & respectable place for all gender all life unleashing the maximum potential in all of us At Right2rise, I Dr.Raina Khatri Tandon enforce Justice discipline integrity and core values in the ecosystem. As a strong believer in women's and child rights I completely work towards safety against abuse harassment, body shaming, and online sexual assault As we are sailing through the pandemic we have seen many changes and how Our Indian Women have exhibited massive discipline and their integral values in sports like cricket, hockey team and Weightlighting and many more. 

My belief for all those beautiful well placed women out there: “Don’t try to get into that cinderella glass slipper but try to Shatter the Glass ceiling of hierarchy and patriarchy as you are meant to splash your magic wand to success” With many years of experience, 24years from IT- HR - Law now and 2PHD I have developed a proper framework for both inclusive education inro POSH & POSCO, WOMEN RIGHTS & other genders in corporate organizations, institutions &NGOS. 

Since I wished to make these more Aan impact have also been selected by NSCREL AND INDIA SME FORUM for the top 200 entrepreneurs with innovative startup ideas during the pandemic and post, I started my own organization in Right2rise 2018 and to date, its 23000lives touched and counting “There is only one YOU, Understand you and YOUR UNIQUENESS”- Raina Khatri -Chak de India in all areas of work and personal relationships you carry I carry 3 key principles as a strong woman: follow 3 power steps: 

  • Our actions 
  • Our Accountability 
  • Alignment 

2. How did you get into the career you are in? 

Nothing could be truer for the women entrepreneur of today, Ms. Raina Khatri who is chartering unknown territories unabashedly and fearlessly and setting benchmarks each day of each new year setting in. She is a multi-tasker yet has a perfect balance of personal and professional life. 

Since a young child, she always had a passion for Living her life on her terms and also helping her mom, doing study and also fueling her passion for singing dancing, and sports (throwball and badminton), Slowly it was managing studies, professional career and GROWTH, and even today she A passionate colorful individual with ONE SIDE BEING A LEGAL PRACTITIONER, being a dedicated mother to her boy, an educator, and mentor to her people associated, friend to anyone who wants to reach out to her and also a daughter yet parent to her Elders in the family! Don’t forget she's also a wife sister and Founder of her company, NGO, and also PRESIDENT OF Maharashtra WICCI T& d and many social initiatives..Phew..It's a magic superwoman I must say! In my 23 years of vast experience, About 5-6 years ago I released through a personal incident of my family's demise, that creating a LEGACY to leave behind and an impact in some lives when I was no more is very essential. 

How I evolved into Law – encompassing of women and child rights was the cause of the constant connection with women and children through training, and upholding Values Integrity and Respect are mere words in 22 nd century that our generation needs to live by in their actions and I want to be that warrior of change to do so to awaken minds nurture vision and make dreams come true for all future generation & a Sunny tomorrow. 

So while in youth training and another organizational training at a Pharma company I did have people approaching me to post awareness seeking a direction to their safety and dignity, an urge to be in a safe productive workplace to grow. That's when I decided to take a plunge into deep processes and structures of POSH & POCSO laws so we can take care of the intricate matters with depth and support them to have a conducive workplace. 

3. Having got selected among millions to the top 99 Achievers of India, How does it feel?

ACHIEVERS are not born talented but they possess the “ I CAN DO IT I SHALL DO IT “ attitude. Those who belong to the clan of achievers live the idea that inspires them to dedicate their existence, efforts, and soul to its execution. It indeed feels amazing and bountifully blessed when people can recognize your efforts in inspiring their lives and millions around. 

It's always a combination of many things like an iceberg below the sea u see ..Wow it's like a poem. But no. 1 is consistency, 2. Knowledge skills and strategy and more Sacrifices and Choices. 

4. Can you describe/outline your typical day? 

How do you balance work and family life? My day starts at 5am – 30min me time to set in – Sound bowl or subtle music to play in the background, Yoga 6am -7 am welcome the sunshine energies in my life, A normal family routine from being a mother and wife house chores and stepping into the workspace from 9.30am -9.30 pm with breaks of food and Pomodoro breaks scheduling, prioritizing and delegating work at personal, company and clients with each day a new beginning and a new ending, no one fit for all, always going with the to-do list to upskilling my knowledge and skills with new learning, reading books and hearing new stories my way, missed with the spice of love care and a lot of fun with family and walks over the evening.

Certain days can be taxing and heavily loaded with certifications and CHILD OR WOMEN abuse cases of harassment and cyberbullying but with a good meal, family time, and the smile and laughter of my family and a Netflix series and popcorn it all ends well. One thing that, makes me productive is my workspace of calm and resilience, Plan to focus on my work and growth and keep gadgets planned at certain times, Read and exercise my body mind, and soul- and Always be an ardent learner. 

5. In Retrospect, Can you share some of your greatest achievements to be proud of? 

  • The first being when I became a mother 14 years back giving birth to a baby boy in Finland 
  • UN REX KARMVEER AWARDEE 2019 AT Delhi by Esteemed leaders of our Nation a proud moment 
  • When I did my first session abroad for 350 employees of an AFRICAN BASED company as the 1st paid project during the Pandemic 
  • The moment stayed close to my heart when my company Right2rise® was trademarked copyrighted and ISO 21001, 17024 accredited registered body in 2018 May. 
  • Most miraculous and blessed was when we were the only company in POSH Solutions to be able to deliver an awareness session in the Vidhyan sabha (Parliament House of India in 2019-2020 ( during Pandemic 2 sessions across Delhi Uttrakhand and Northern sector) 
  • Best organization in Gender Equality, Diversity & inclusion process and systems by GLOBAL HR TRANSFORMANCE and magazine coverage by ENTERPRENEUR INDIA and BW 40 under 40 women leaders. 

6. How do you encourage yourself to keep walking when things are not going as smoothly as planned?

Change and challenges are inevitable what matters most is when you get up and push yourself up and say you are meant to do so much more. Making the right choices and learning from each adversity and transforming your obstacles into opportunities are what I have built. Resilience and calm are what once built at CORE YOU will enable you to step up and BE A BETTER AND BEST VERSION of yourself. 

Challenges are always going to remain, what shows the inner power when you jump up every morning when no one tells you no one sees you and yet INSPIRES you to touch and create miracles in every life, Leave a smile on many faces and live a life of an adventurous curious soul always wishing to learn new things welcoming every moment with tag “ BIO – BRING IT ON!- LETS LIFE THE LIFE AS A STAGE AS IF THIS IS THE LAST MOMENT I CAN DO SOMETHING MAGICAL – SPREAD UR SPARK”.. ARE YOU THE ONE? YES STEP UP TODAY…. 

7. What are the main principles you follow to achieve success? 

“There is only one YOU, Understand you and YOUR UNIQUENESS”- Raina Khatri -Chak de India in all areas of work and personal relationships you carry I carry 3 key principles as a strong woman: follow 3 power steps: 

  • Our actions 
  • Our Accountability 
  • Alignment 

My message to all: Be the next generation Turnkey of Innovations – Never give up on an IDEA, Be open to suggestions, and Don’t ever stop by any failures or beliefs which test your Courage GO GET IT! 

8. If you had a magic stick, which are the 3 things you would change in the world? 

Nothing is absolute as we cannot change anything or anyone. Whatever will be will be, the future is not ours to see, what will be, will be! But if I do want to urge change, it will be the mindset of people, trust and authenticity of walking the talk, and equality of people to rise together. 

9. If you had one piece of advice for someone just starting out, what would it be? 

Trust yourself, Be yourself, Do yourself, and Make your choices. Never hesitate to help or be scared to fail. Entrepreneurs often fail to use their capabilities to the fullest. Once they do that, there’s no looking back.’.‘To lose patience is to lose the battle.’Be persistent and at it, and you shall surely sail to success.

‘The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. We may stumble and fall but shall rise again; it should be enough if we did not run away from the battle. I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles, Be your true Leader and true fan! 

10. How do you feel being part of the Biggest Tree Plantation Drive in India? 

Do you think Planting trees is a solution to Global Warming and Climate change? Any message you wish to share with the readers about Planting trees and following the footsteps of an Achiever like you? Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come. Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant. 

That’s the way I do things when I want to celebrate, I want to gift, I want to seek a friend my plants are my best buddies so I always plant a tree and more greenery around. A tree makes us realize so many learnings, stay grounded, never forget our roots, and water, and stay patient cause some rise early some rise late but eventually all bloom from flowers to fruits. Stay at it all the time, persistence is the key to success, and many more. If you love a tree, you shall love yourself nurture, water and create more happiness for yourself and others and stay happy and healthy always. The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit yet the shade of it is cooling and solution seekers to all who sit below it

Interviewed By - Aarya Gode