Breaking the Cycle: Conquering Art Block and Depression Through Creativity

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I do not call myself an artist, but drawing is one of my hobbies. There are times when drawing goes smoothly and ends perfectly. On the other hand, there are times when I have nothing in my mind to draw or I do not even want to catch a pencil. I am not alone anyone who draws may suffer from “art block”.

What is an Art Block?

When an artist experiences an "art block," they are unable to come up with any new ideas. The artist's productivity slows down as they are no longer able to create compelling creative work. Anxiety and a complete lack of motivation are symptoms of this condition.

Art block is different from daily fluctuations or regular boring that you can get over easily.

Can Art Blocks Last For Years?

An artist may experience an art block for a few weeks, months, or even years. It's critical to keep in mind that creativity block is a common occurrence and that it will eventually pass.

There was someone on Quora saying that he had an art block for two years and asking for a way to get over it. and another one had it for one year. So, how to overcome it?

What To Do When Going Through An Art Block?

· Take a break

Sometimes the best way to get out of a creative rut is to step away from your work for a while. Go for a walk, read a book, or watch a movie. Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery to get your creative juices flowing again.

· Try something new

If you're feeling stuck in a rut, try experimenting with a new medium or technique. This could be anything from painting to drawing to sculpting. Sometimes the best way to break out of a creative rut is to try something new and different.

· Look at other artists' work

Sometimes the best way to get inspired is to look at the work of other artists. This could be anything from visiting a museum to flipping through a book of art. Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration to get your creative juices flowing again.

· Talk to other artists

Talking to other artists can be a great way to get support and advice. They may be able to offer you some helpful tips on how to overcome art block.

· Don't be afraid to fail

Everyone fails sometimes. The important thing is to not give up. Keep creating and eventually, you'll find your way back to your creative flow.

What Is The Link Between Art Block And Depression?

Art block maybe happens because depression, stress, or imposter syndrome. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms try talking to a therapist.

Depressed people do not suffer only from “art block”. They lose their sense of life. God be with them and hope they all become well.

Writer’s Block

Writers also can suffer from “block”. Every writer experience writer's block at some point, whether they are a student or a published author. There are several things you may do to get through it, even if it can be discouraging and demoralizing at times.

Don't give up if you're having trouble writing. You can do a variety of things to get over it. Just keep writing, and you'll succeed eventually.

The ways to overcome it are the same as those of art block. Remember that nothing lasts forever even your block, but we need to take serious steps.

Writer’s block and art block are the most known types of creative blocks. For example, there are Entrepreneur's block, Photographer's block, Programmer's block, and even Inventor's block.

If you know someone suffering from creative blocks, please do not be judgmental, try listening to him or offering help. Do not give up on them and always remember that they need your support and understanding.

Written by: Heba Salah

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