Is Dsa Tough ? Here Is the Roadmap !

Data structures and algorithms are similar. It is not a term that can be learned by the memorization method. It must be understood. We are compelled to use our intellect rather than our memory in order to really get the point and learn it.

Why DSA and Algorithms are Important for your Placements and further Career  | by GDSC MMCOE | Medium
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Importance of Data Structures and Algorithms

Data structures and Algorithms are completely logical. The way to learn them is totally across from what we are taught in most schools. In my opinion, this is the most obvious reason why people find data structures and algorithms tough to get and learn.

The data structure is a method to store and manage data so that it can be operated efficiently. Algorithms are a set of rules that follow the instructions made out to them. Learning Data structures and algorithms has a lot of advantages with it. 

How to Start?

Data structures and algorithms are important concepts of computer science and they are known as pillars of computer science. Data structures and algorithms are one of the most important skills that have been expected from top-tier companies. 

Data structures and algorithms are interconnected, they need to work together to make the code systematic and optimize the process of programming. Nowadays people who enter in the field of coding, programming, and developing are aware of the importance of data structures and algorithms.

  1. Just Build a Strong Foundation

Choose any particular language to learn and then make sure you have a strong understanding of basic programming concepts before moving on to more advanced topics like data structures and algorithms.

  1. Do learn about basic data structures.

  1. Arrays

  2. Recursion & Backtracking

  3. Linked Lists

  4. Stacks

  5. Queues

  6. Trees

  7. Priority Queue and Heap

  8. HashTable, HashMap, HashSet [Hashing]

  9. Disjoint Set ADT

  10. Graphs

  1. After data structures, it's also important to learn about different algorithm design techniques. These techniques, such as-

  1. Sorting Algorithms

  2. Searching Algorithms

  3. Selection Algorithms

  4. Symbol Tables

  5. String Algorithms

  6. Greedy Algorithms

The Path to Mastery

As you become more comfortable with algorithm design, you can start learning about algorithm analysis and complexity. This involves analyzing the time and space complexity of algorithms to understand how they perform under different conditions.

The Power of Mastery

And after all this, most importantly what matters is the way you PRACTISE .The more you practise , the more you learn and grab the concepts clearly in an easy as well as logical form.So, Just keep doing and practising in the form to excel it . 

We can achieve it and keep practising on different websites like - 

  1. Leetcode

  2. GeeksforGeeks

  3. HackerRank

  4. Codechef 

When you have a true agony for something, it isn't that complex, and it is one of the smartest concepts in the computer industry since it makes coding easier and more interesting.


The result of the learning Algorithms is not immediately visible, but you will notice a refined improvement in your thinking, solution building, and code quality over time. So my suggestion will be to have trust in your mentors and faith in the process. 

Written By - Anjali kumari  

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