Himanshu Rajoriya -Aspiring Entrepreneurs Can Thrive by Embracing Feedback, Learning From Criticism, and Viewing Challenges as Opportunities for Growth (Instagram Influencer With 337k Followers)

Success, for me, is synonymous with staying committed to my personal goals irrespective of external judgments or pressures.

1. Tell us about your background and journey.

My background and journey trace back to my middle-class upbringing, where my passion for acting and dancing blossomed early on. Despite my initial dream of becoming an actor, I embarked on a career in law enforcement due to certain circumstances. However, my passion for acting never waned, and today, I'm diligently working towards bridging the gap between my current profession and my ultimate aspiration of entering the world of acting.

2. What led you to start your page on Instagram and what it is about?

The decision to start my Instagram page was fueled by its unparalleled platform for talent display and its unique video auditioning capabilities. Instagram provides an ideal space for aspiring individuals in the entertainment industry to showcase their creativity and skills effectively, making it a pivotal tool in the journey towards recognition and success.

3. What is your idea of success or your mantra in life?

Success, for me, is synonymous with staying committed to my personal goals irrespective of external judgments or pressures. It's crucial to navigate life-based on intrinsic motivations, ensuring a fulfilling journey fueled by passion and determination rather than seeking validation from external sources.

4. How can someone become a successful social media influencer?

Achieving success as a social media influencer requires unwavering dedication, consistent content creation, and a strategic approach to engaging with the audience. Hard work, authenticity, and fostering genuine connections with followers are essential elements that underpin sustainable influence and long-term success in the digital sphere.

5. What are your tips for first-time and aspiring entrepreneurs?

First-time and aspiring entrepreneurs can thrive by embracing feedback, learning from criticism, and viewing challenges as opportunities for growth. Remaining adaptable, focusing on innovative problem-solving, and cultivating resilience are key strategies for navigating the entrepreneurial landscape successfully.

6. Is it financially sustainable to be an influencer today?

In today's digital era, being a social media influencer can indeed be financially sustainable through strategic content creation, effective audience engagement, and diversified revenue streams. Maintaining authenticity, adapting to industry trends, and consistently delivering value to followers contribute significantly to long-term financial viability in the influencer realm.

7. How would you distinguish the term blogger from influencer?

The distinction between a blogger and an influencer lies in their primary focus and impact on the audience. Bloggers primarily create written content, while influencers extend beyond that, influencing audience thoughts, behaviors, and decisions across various media formats. Influencers leverage their broader reach and engagement to create compelling content that resonates with and motivates their followers to take action.


This is Himanshu Rajoriya. He is an influencer and content creator. He has more than 337k followers on Instagram 

Interviewed by - Ashmeet Kaur

Edited by- Arunangshu Chatterjee