7 Dynamic Food Duos That Are Good for Your Health

Health is our most valuable asset. It is the cornerstone of a fulfilling life, impacting almost every aspect of our life. An unhealthy lifestyle is the beginning of deterioration of one’s well being. Thus, prioritizing health isn't just a choice, it is a necessity for us to live up to our full potential.

There is a profound and intricate relationship between health and nutrition. Just like health is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle, in the same way nutrition is the cornerstone of health. Ultimately, maintaining a nutritious diet is a necessity for a fulfilling life.

Dynamic Duos of Food

Researchers, in the field of health and nutrition, are continually finding that certain foods deliver a much greater nutritional value and an even bigger health boost when consumed together. Make the most of these nutritious foods by teaming up these unexpected pairs in a meal.

1. Broccoli and Radish

This dynamic duo, surprisingly, might prevent cancer. These two, when eaten together, fabricate a chemoprotective effect against certain types of cancer. A bit of a peppery kick to this combo can maximise its antioxidant firepower.

Studies have shown that adding radish, arugula and rapeseed sprouts to broccoli sprouts can promote the formation of broccoli’s signature antioxidant, sulforaphane. This duo might help you reduce oxidative stress and lower the risk of chronic disease associated with oxidative damage.

Research suggests that this combo has a strong anticancer power by preventing
its expansion in your body.

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2. Onions and Chickpeas

This combination not only tastes flavoursome but also keeps you vigorous. Combining raw onions and chickpeas in a salad would not only give you a mouth-watering meal but also would give you tons of energy.

According to research, sulphur compounds present in onions and garlic help in absorbing more iron and zinc from grains including chickpeas. Lack of iron in our bodies can make us anemic and can cause fatigue and brain fog.

Zinc, on the other hand, is quite useful in battling the common cold. Studies have shown that zinc alone can help reduce the symptoms of a cold by one-third.

3. Vegetables and Olive Oil

Switching up butter with olive oil for sauteing your vegetables might not be a bad idea. These items combined have shown to increase antioxidants.

Cooking garlic, onions and tomatoes in olive oil results in the oil acting as a vehicle for boosting the bioavailability of the components of the vegetables.

Olive oil is capable of lowering LDL bad cholesterol while also raising HDL good cholesterol levels. Studies have shown that cooking vegetables in olive oil can offer excellent health benefits.

4. Bananas and Water

This dynamic duo can help with a much faster post-workout recovery. A study conducted in 2018 showed that consuming both water and banana is just as, or more, effective for post-workout recovery as a sports drink for exercise recovery is.

The amalgamation of these two helps in improving performance and recovery of our training. Bananas help in reducing pain and inflammation by mimicking ibuprofen, while water rehydrates the body.

Bananas are also beneficial for menstruating women as they help with period cramps and bloating. They contain vitamins that are useful in producing RBCs. However, it is highly advised to consume them in moderation as they contain natural sugars.

5. Chicken and Grapefruit

Chicken and grapefruit, when combined, can boost your energy. This power source for our body’s cells plays a vital role in the production of energy. Chicken can help in controlling high blood pressure and grapefruit promotes the heart’s health.

A Japanese study conducted in 2010 showed that grapefruit allows up to 50% higher absorption of CoQ10 (a naturally occurring enzyme that helps in providing energy to cells).

However, beware of consuming grapefruit if you have been prescribed some kind of medication. It is best to consult a doctor regarding your food preferences.

6. Sweet Potato and Pepper

This duo is as flavoursome as it sounds and moreover, is also nutritious for us.

Sweet potato contains Beta-carotene in abundance which is an antioxidant shown to reduce the risk of certain cancers.

They both contain fiber which promotes the heart’s health and also keeps the gut healthy. Beta-carotene that is present in abundance in sweet potato isn’t just an anticancer antioxidant but also supports healthy vision.

This combo can also enhance your brain’s functioning, your immune system and improve your skin.

7. Beetroot and Eggs

This interesting pairing may improve the health of your heart and enhance your capability of exercise. Beetroots are especially useful for patients of HBP as they help in lowering blood pressure.

This is one of the best pairings for a pre-workout meal as eggs help repair muscles and other tissues and might help in weight loss as well. While, beetroot can highly improve your exercise performance and support energy levels.

Along with more stamina during exercise, beetroot can also help with heart diseases and stroke prevention.

Written by Shugunpal Kaur

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