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It’s that time of the year again, 17-18-year-old students just out of Class 12th are either tense about finding a good college or are tense because they still have no idea what they want to do in their lives. I want to talk to the former through this article of mine because I’m pretty sure that these students must be super confused for one and looking at the insane scores some of the students have got in the CBSE Board Exams is obviously adding to their nervousness.

Firstly, y’all need to sit down, clear your mind of everything, take a deep breath and relax. Now that you have relaxed, hang in there and allow me to take you on a journey back to when I graduated Class 12th. Right from the beginning, I was a multi-tasking kid at school, which gave me an experience of writing, public speaking, acting, singing and whatnot. Everybody looked at me thinking, “This guy has everything figured out.”

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After my board exams, I appeared for various entrance exams from CPT, Law and BBA etc. to Journalism and Hotel Management. Somehow, I got a good rank in all my entrance exams, and my Class 12th results were also out. I got 91% and as usual there were many out there with ridiculously insane marks which meant insane cut-offs in universities and I stood no chance. Now, when you’re a confused 17-year-old about what you want to pursue ahead and you have about 5-6 options, there’s about 95% chance that you might end up choosing the wrong thing.

I being a food blogger and because of my inclination towards the F&B Industry got into Hotel Management at one of India’s top institute (Probably a decision made in haste). Exactly a year later, I decided to drop out of HM (not the wisest decision by me) and do B.Com from Delhi University. At this time, I had a half-written manuscript for my novel and a food blog that I enjoyed writing on. Along with my graduate degree, I decided to put my full focus on writing fiction, poetry, non-fiction, scripts etc; basically any genre of writing. While doing all this, I also joined a couple of start-ups which helped me hone my digital marketing skills.

Doing all these things helped me realize my love for writing and I published my debut novel, “It Was You…Always” in 2018 which has received a tremendous response from the readers. Today my blog, The Salt and Pepper Food Guide, is read across the world and with my marketing knowledge I have worked and collaborated with top brands and restaurants of India.

I just realized I have rambled on for about 439 words and counting. Before you lose interest in this, I just want to tell that things will eventually fall in place. Whatever decision you make, make an informed one. And I might have done it but please don’t drop out, don’t choose something that might make you want to drop out of it. Find yourself, find your passion. Step out of your comfort zone, fight your fears and make a mark for yourself.

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 Nikhil Kamath, Food and Travel Writer
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