Facts About The Application Process of University of Delhi

The Application process for most courses at the University of Delhi concluded on Saturday, June 22, 2019. Applications for these programmes have officially closed. The dates for applying online had earlier been extended for the convenience of the many aspirants looking to secure a place in the prestigious university.

Now that the application process has concluded, significant facts about the process have emerged. High cut-offs are expected as the university has received over a hundred thousand applications for most of its popular courses. Humanities courses seem to be the preferred option for the application as these have received the most applications, BA English (Honors) being the most preferred course.

Number of Applicants (by Course):-

BA (H) English - 1,42,979
BA (H) Political Science - 1,30,240
BA Programme -1,25,519
BA (H) Economics-1,24,538
BA (H) History - 1,20,590 

Other courses among the Top 10 in terms of popularity are 

BA (H) Psychology 
BA (H) Journalism 
BA (H) Sociology 
BA (H) Geography - 
B Com. 

Number of Applicants (by Region) 

Delhi - 1,11,433
Uttar Pradesh - 49,009
Haryana - 34,501
Bihar - 15,120
Rajasthan - 9,879

The University earlier came under criticism for making Mathematics compulsory among the best of four subjects for Admission in BA Economics, however, the decision was reversed under the authority of the Court 

Only one transgender person is among the lakhs of applicants, raising the issue of transgender representation. 

The First Cut-Off list is expected to be announced on June 28,2019.

- Vidit Sahewala 

Data Courtesy: News18. com, The Indian Express

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