Vidhi Gupta’s Youth Leadership Conference Experience

I found out about Eat My News through an email circulated by the internship cell of my university. What stood out about this opportunity was that it allowed me to work from home/campus, so I applied without giving it a second thought. The application mentioned a two-day residential conference which I was, at first, sceptical of. After multiple google searches, I found testimonial videos of people who had attended the conference in the past. All videos seemed the same to me, everyone was really excited to talk about it and described it as a “life-changing experience” (I might be paraphrasing, you get the point!) but they never mentioned what actually happened at the conference.

 This was enough to convince me, but apparently not my parents, who were convinced this was going to be a bad idea. I decided to go anyway as I was looking forward to meeting new people and see for myself what was so amazing about it that made so many people say the things that they did. 

On arrival, I met my roommates who were almost as confused as me but just as excited. The conference started with a series of hugs, a very unusual start in my opinion but a welcome on This drove in the whole sense of community from the start. From then we had one session after the other and the way each session was introduced was also unique and maintained the energy in the room. Though I won’t talk much about the talks, as one must experience them for themselves, I will say that they were all very interactive so it didn’t seem like a lecture and at the same time taught us so much even in the form of activities. The whole thing planned down to each minute and it never seemed monotonous.

My favourite part of the conference was the people I got to meet through it. The size of the conference wasn’t very large which allowed for more meaningful conversations with more people. My peer group was really diverse (from students to working professionals and entrepreneurs) and they had so much to teach me. 

I hold those two days very dear to me as I learned a lot and it was so much more than I anticipated. I would strongly recommend everyone to be part of this community and experience the YLC and all it has to offer!  

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Vidhi Gupta

Vidhi Gupta’s Youth Leadership Conference Experience Vidhi Gupta’s Youth Leadership Conference Experience Reviewed by EMN on September 18, 2019 Rating: 5

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