4 Wonder Women of 2019

Though the headline says, wonder women of the 21st century, we all know

“Who runs the world? Girls” - well said by Beyoncé. With rising time somethings are changing for better at least. Women are getting a chance to prove themselves and heading towards accomplishing greater things in life.

Year after year there are women who are actually taking a stand for themselves and leaving a mark in every field, touching the hearts of people around the world and inspiring other women to take a stand too. We have always learned to take a stand for the right so, now where have those learnings gone? why do we just talk and take no action? There is always a conflict between what we know is right and what we do in the name of being right.

Regardless of how society expects us to be there are many women who have broken the shackles of preconceived notions and actually walked the talk.

I am sure if I start naming all of them, I will run out of space. So, for the sake of briefness here is a list of 5 women who shone brightly in 2019.

1. Arunima Sinha-Indian Mountain Climber 

Image source – yourstory.com

She is a girl from a small district Ambedkar nagar near Lucknow. Her father was an engineer and her mother were in the health department. His father left when was three, she has an elder sister and a younger brother.

After her post-graduation in law, she finally decided to look for a job because of her family’s financial condition though she wanted to play national level volleyball, because of the money crisis she had now to find a job for herself.

One fine day due to some work she was leaving for Delhi and on the train, to Delhi, she didn’t know that her life would completely change.

Some five or four thugs gathered around her asked her for giving the gold chain she was wearing after she refused to do so they started attacking her, though the compartment was full of people but not a single person came to help her out she fought till she could but, later she was dragged an thrown out of the moving train on to the opposite track and around 49 trains over the night passed through her. She was screaming in pain but, there was no one to listen.

Later she was taken to the hospital and everyone was just sympathising with her for what happened but, couldn’t feel the pain she had gone through. According to the doctor, her one leg was amputated and, in another leg, a rod was inserted to gather to broken bones.

After all this, she decided to not lose the inner self and learn climbing.

She is the first woman in the world to climb Mt. Everest with an amputated leg.

2. Sanna Marin - Youngest Prime Minister of Finland

Image source - livemint

She is a 34-year old woman who inspires other women that it’s not the age that matters, it’s your potential that matters. She was a member of parliament in 2015 and then the minister in transport and communication in June 2019.

After the support of each and every person in the party, she has claimed her position as the leader of the party and has become the world’s first youngest Prime Minister of Finland.

She said, she has promised the change and she need action on change. As the youngest, IN the party, she will definitely understand today’s generation and would take action accordingly. We have often heard that age matters, but she has proved that age is actually just a number and it matters only in official paperwork, not in reality.

3. Pranajal Patil - First visually challenged IAS officer

Image source – thehindu.com

She lost her vision at the age of six and still did not lose hope for pursuing the civil service dream. She proved that nothing can stop you from accomplishing your dream if you have made your mind to do so. In 2016 she cracked Union Public Service Examination in a first go. But was refused to get a job in railways as she was visually challenged. Next year she improved her rank and got 124th rank all over.

She was posted as Assistant Collector in Kerala. She overcame many challenges to become the world’s first visually challenged IAS officer. She said that we should never feel defeated, and should never give up.

Giving up on any situation is not the way out, fighting for the right and achieving the goal is ultimate happiness.

4. Zozibini Tunzi - Miss Universe 2019

Image source – indiatoday

She is a First Black Women to be awarded as Miss Universe. She is an African model as well as a beauty pageant winner. After becoming the Miss Universe, she has proved that the colour of the skin does not matter at all. The colour of the skin is not decided by a human but, the choice of thoughts you attribute to skin colour. So certainly, what should be changed is the thinking not the colour of the skin. She has broken all the myths of being a dark skin girl.

She is the ultimate inspiration for the girls who think that they are less just because they are dark. Darkness is in the nerves of the people who judge in those ways, not in the people who are dark just by the skin.

So, these were just a few of the stories of women who inspired us in 2019 and just break all the myths of the society who turned them down.

“There is nothing that a man can do and a girl can’t do it better in heels”

These women and many unsung heroines who continue to strive to be the protagonists of their lives are quintessential examples of women who actually don’t follow the rulebook and just go by the heart.

- Written by Amrita Mansharamani

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