Student Leader Interview – Priya Arora, Janki Devi Memorial College, University of Delhi

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1. Tell us more about your role and responsibilities in your society?

As a Class Representative, I am supposed to act as a liaison between the students and the academic heads. It also involves ensuring that the students' views are heard.

Plus, I am the Content Head at the Placement Cell of my college. Much of what I do in the society is to ensure that all the information regarding placements, internships and conferences are coherently fabricated and thereby maintain that the opportunities are made available to all the students of the college. The role also involves getting prestigious companies to the campus.
With that, I am an active member of the debating society. I have been to various conventional and parliamentary debates, the experience at which is quite knowledgeable.

2. How challenging is it to maintain a balance between the society work and college?

It can be quite a daunting task at first to maintain society work, the role of Class Representative and the regular college work but it is every inch worth it. Society work can be tiring at times especially during the Annual Events but the exposure received at such events is nonetheless significant.

3. As a student leader, what is the one major challenge that you have overcome?

One major challenge that I have overcome as a student leader is managing the strife between academics and leadership responsibility. Being a student leader has taught me the ability to strike a balance between these. I am now better able to understand the value of time management.

4. Do you feel that the current role at your society will be one of your stepping stones towards success in life?

Yes, I do feel that my current role in societies has given me ample exposure that makes me feel confident enough to face real-world challenges. Being a part of the Placement Cell, for instance, has enabled me to feel the essence of the corporate world before actually stepping foot into it. I also have got the opportunity to enhance my public speaking skills.

5. Do you think parents’ support plays a role in deciding whether a student has an active extra-curricular life or not? What is your message to all the parents?

Yes, It does. So, my message to all the parents is that they must understand that academics are not everything. College life must encompass being a part of at least one society because it is a place of making connections, becoming a leader and consequently developing one's personality. So, if the student is not a part of the society, he/she is certainly missing out. So parents should not prevent their children from exploring themselves and rather support them in extracurricular activities. 

6. What's your message to encourage students to do internships and attend conferences?

Well, life is all about grabbing opportunities. And in today’s competitive world it becomes all the more important to differentiate yourself from the pool of students by having an edge over them. Internships provide that opportunity. They help you understand the real job culture, plus they help you improve your CV.

When it comes to conferences, they aren’t ordinarily taken in the right spirit and considered monotonous. But conferences help you attain clarity in what is suitable for you. Hearing eminent personalities lets you understand how they achieved a pedestal and they can be quite inspiring for the students. 

I would say that college life is all about exploring yourself. Just be confident, grab what comes your way and you shall go a long way!

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