Cultural Transformation in the 21st Century

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Culture is a set of practices and values that are observed by the people living in a particular community. Culture is a legacy which is passed on from one generation to another. The culture of this day is not something that used to be years before. Culture is ever-changing. Several changes and revolutions have been made in the culture due to various factors.In other words, the culture of a particular area is the lifestyle of its inhabitants. 

The rise of education
With the mushrooming educational institutions and introduction of new subjects into the curriculum, gurukal system saw a gradual disappearance. The padshalas and the maktabs were the only places that offered education to the children in the earlier days. Also learning of religious texts were given utmost importance those days. When men began to rise high and conquer the world unearthing its secrets and analyzing the miracles one after another, culture underwent a rapid transformation. This had a deep and direct influence on culture. 

The triumph of science 
The waves of transformation came with the advent of science and technology. The souls were robed of spirituality and science took its position. This is believed to be the root cause of cultural transformation in the modern era. The doors of reality were open to the people and they started questioning the norms of the patriarchal system. This might have caused tension in the general belief systems and cultural atmosphere. Just as the Victorian period in England witnessed a conflict between science and religion and science and morality with the proliferation of scientific theories and queries, each and every nook and corner of the world might have experienced the same. 

Acceptance of foreign cultures
People have begun migrating to foreign lands expecting a better lifestyle. So foreign cultures got gradual acceptance in our land also. These days millions of students prefer an education from foreign universities as they demand better exposure and experiences. This has allowed the increase of new ways and accommodation of new patterns in our culture. Culture, in fact, is flowing effortlessly from one place to another. There is a harmony and balance between every culture.

A change in the social structure 
There is a shift from joint family system to small family system today. People began relocating to other places and fixing their social standing by owning at least two vehicles and a flat or a house and a respectable job. These are the basic requirements needed for a successful man. Everybody has their own priorities and the interaction between family members dwindled to a large extent. 

Heading towards a new direction 
Earlier, sons used to take up the job of their father. But now, children began diverting to another profession and pursue their dreams. Times have changed and children move to different cities or other countries and settle. New courses and new opportunities await youngsters and they are many takers for the newly introduced courses. 

Breaking the barriers and exploring the voice of the unheard 
The border between the religious and caste differences is vanishing. Even though intercaste marriages have opponents, there are a lot of such relationships stemming. Likewise, the Dalits and other so-called lower caste people have been given opportunities to come to the forefront and build their future. Reservation on the basis of caste in educational institutions is helping them a lot to ensure some improvement in their lives.

Representation of the third gender
Earlier there used to be space provided for either male or female, but now all the opportunities have been offered to the third gender also. With the decriminalization of Article 377 of the Indian Penal Code, there has been a change in the earlier upheld notions and values. The third gender is given equal consideration and privileges thereby ensuring equality and peace within the society. 

Not only culture but every aspect of life is prone to transformation. These shifts give people an altogether different experience. Now that modernism has taken hold of the world, it feels that people are more independent and unrestricted from the myths and superstitions that once ruled the world. The approach towards life is undergoing a transition and new modes of living are finding its way to every culture every day. Thus, culture is flexible and always ready to welcome newness and innovations so far as it does not harm mankind.  

Written By: Maryam Salim
Edited By: Nidhi Verma

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