Top 10 Original Movies to Watch on the OTT Platforms

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Netflix started making its own original movies since 2015 and since then a lot of big names have acted in these movies. Netflix has given us a taste of almost all genres including comedy, horror, thriller, cheesy romantic comedies and much more.

Along with delivering everyday essentials to our doorsteps, Amazon also started giving us original movies to watch a few years ago just like Netflix. Zee5 and Hot-Star are other platforms coming up with original content of their own, much like the other OTT platforms.

There is something for everybody at these over the top platforms. Hence, while you are at home, this is the best time to binge watch all these original movies. This can entertain you and help you pass your time at the same time.

Hence, here are some suggestions for you to get started:

Brittany Runs a Marathon

It is a story about a young overweight woman who decides to run a train for a marathon taking place in New York. Over the course of her training she realizes that the way she feels around people is not because of her outward appearance but because of her under-confident issues.

It is a surprising movie which will make you laugh, cry and give you the confidence to love yourself the way you are. It also has a dash of romance. The main lead, Jillian bell gives a moving performance. It is an Amazon prime original movie.

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

It is a movie about a Malawi-born William Kamkwamba who has an idea to make a windmill to power an electric water pump. In the journey, he has to decide if it is worth it to give away all his fortune and resources to build a windmill.

It is about the willpower of a young boy who wants to put his inventive mind to use to help his family in adverse situations and the shortcomings that he has to deal with. It is a Netflix original.

Yours truly

It is an Indian romantic drama film starring Soni Razdan. It is an official adaptation of the story, ‘The one that was announced’ from the book Love stories. It is a story about a mid-aged woman in her fifties.

As she goes about her day following the same routine every day, she realizes that she is falling in love with the voice of an announcer at the station in Calcutta. It is a Zee5 original movie and it is a delight to watch this innocent love story.

Cold War

It is a very short film of 90 minutes on Amazon prime but 90 minutes is enough to justify the brilliance of this movie. It depicts human emotions in a very subtle way. It is a story about two people who cannot be together and cannot manage to stay apart.

It is based on post war Eastern Europe and the story spans over a period of 15 years. It was premiered at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival and received a lot of critical acclaim for its story, screenplay and direction.


Bamfaad is a romantic drama film directed by Anurag kashyap.  It shows what true love means in reality and that true love is much more than being just a physical relationship. The story gets more complicated as a mafia gets involved in the story.

It is a Zee5 original movie. It shows the debut of actor Paresh Rawal’s son, Aditya who has been very much appreciated for his acting skills. It is a realistic movie. Even though there is violence in the film, it does not stray away from its main theme of romance.

Sand Storm

This 2016 flick is about a classic forbidden love story of Layla in Israel. She falls in love with a man outside her tribe. This agitates her mother who is already troubled by her husband getting remarried. It is a Netflix original movie.

It showcases the hard times that women went through when they were considered as second-class citizens. It shows the plight of women who go through their everyday tasks like cooking and cleaning despite the obvious family drama in their lives.

Badnaam Gali

This is a Zee5 original movie. It is based on the story of surrogacy where a surrogate mother’s journey is shown and her relationship with the people present around her. It basically shows the stigma around the lifestyle of a single pregnant lady.

Divyendru Sharma plays a young man who gets involved in the life of this pregnant woman. It has a typical Indian background where the people of Badnaam lane are more interested in their society than their own house.

The Neon Demon

It is an Amazon original movie. This movie showcases the reality and the struggle involved in the fashion and modeling industry which looks glamorous from the outside but has all sorts of darkness within it.

The story revolves around Jesse who is an aspiring model who is new to LA. She has to deal with a lot of competition because of the beauty and youth. It shows us how Jesse juggles her personal and professional life among the cut -throat competition in her life.

I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House

It is a horror film that is one of the most frightening movies on Netflix. It revolves around Lily, who is a nurse at the house of an ill horror book author. While working at the house, she realizes that the house is haunted.

As she discovers the truth about afterlife, she gets more involved in the eeriness. This movie got premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. It is a Netflix original.


It is a history drama about the time of Dandi March. We have all read about this march in school and how the Indians were not allowed to pick up or sell salt from the beach. But the hard work and dedication to make this protest happen is not known to many of us.

This movie was released by Zee5 as a tribute to the Father of the Nation on October 2nd. It shows us how Gandhi ji without the support of the Indian National Congress decided to lead this movement which changed the course of history. It will surely leave you with goose-bumps.

Written by - Trishla Gupta

Edited by - Adrija Saha

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