"Architecture Is Giving Life to Your Imagination" - Haritha

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1. Tell us about your background and journey.

My family is actually civil engineer family people used to say but we have never have very big influence about architecture till my dad meets and architect in his life. That's the part my journey began.

2. When and why did you chose this field?

Actually from small age my dad was well influenced by civil and architects in around so used to influence me through the structure in and around of all my visit.

Those expression of his view about architecture, designs, and outlook work of architecture influenced me a lot then I started personally start to follow the way of my look around the place where I used to visit those days it make me to understand something special thought process was going around the world.

Architecture is not simply stop at one point which you view around it has very unique point in each area. Something you need to understand you have passion and I found in that.


3. Do you have a dream project or your favorite project?

Yeah of course architect used to have a dream when they start this joinery in to it. My dream project is to give a free housing for slum people in India with my own funds.


4. How can one identify and appreciate good architecture?

Architecture doesn't have good or bad in it because it differ according to people view some may feel it has an meaning and also worked well but some may feel it doesn't has an meaning and also it has  not worked well. The points each architect has his or her own unique way of representation.

People at olden period  thought whose architect work are stupidity now those works are standing out from other with an great influence for architecture even to the upcoming future also.

An good work will be appreciated when it has an meaning and life to the building it should not stop with building to it have to be an user friendly work and it should be environmentally suitable to the surrounding too. Architecture means of creation it’s like giving life to your imagination.


5. Who is your favorite architect and why?

Zaha hadid was one of my favorite architect. She influenced a lot of curve works which gives an influence to young architect to work with a flow in any curve work or shapes and she showed a unique form of architecture.

She was the first woman to receive the Pritzker Architecture Prize, in 2004. She received the UK's most prestigious architectural award, the Stirling Prize, in 2010 and 2011. In 2012, she was made a Dame by Elizabeth II for services to architecture, and in February, 2016, the month preceding her death, she became the first and only woman to be awarded the Royal Gold Medal from the Royal Institute of British Architects.

She was described by The Guardian of London as the "Queen of the curve”, who "liberated architectural geometry, giving it a whole new expressive identity". Her major works include the London Aquatics Center for the 2012 Olympics, Michigan State University's Broad Art Museum in the US, the MAXXI Museum in Rome, the Guangzhou Opera House in China, and the Beijing Daxing International Airport in China.


6. Do you have any tips for people who want to join this field?

If u have passion on this u feel more adventure in each day u spend in your arch life if not it will be till hard to get through the stuffs. Some people may feel they don't have passion for it but later day by day they will fall for architecture unknowingly because architecture is something out of box than any other fields it’s too hard till the people understand the root of architecture.

Architecture its seems like dealing only with buildings but actually it is not

Architecture never stops with buildings it is something apart from which u have work on concepts, illustration on all base forms of fields. Architecture can influence u in all field too.

For example if u work for  an stage decoration  of an  event u have to know what the event is for and through that u have to make an concepts which process show for what the event is held indirectly through those concept u have made to people those thought process are actually dealing with architecture too.

Here architect get project with their information like the placement of site, information about the client, then the purpose of the building everything which then help them to get in concepts and it moves on with a complete process through which at the end u reach a user friendly work for the client and the people who access it. So architecture is out of box.


7.  What does your typical workday look like?

In this field typical work day look like learning process never ends. Because my each days give a new arrivals of information. Each day I have learnt a lot of news forms of idea and it never ends.

Interviewed By - Sivagnana Manisa S V

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