Benefits and Risks of Artificial Intelligence

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The world is developing fast and with the advent of better technological advancements has given birth to AI or artificial intelligence, which has created a paradigm shift in almost every technological sector. Artificial intelligence has been one of the most innovative inventions of the mankind, its history dating back to the time of World War II when Alan Turing made the supercomputer through machine learning and artificial intelligence in order to break the Nazi encryption machine enigma. So, what is this artificial intelligence that has taken over the tech industry?

AI is a branch of computer science which has flourished in the recent decades and has shown promise in making our lives much easier and comfortable, since it is capable of performing tasks that usually requires human intelligence. In layman’s words AI is a smart machine which can assist humans in solving difficult problems. Since it is easier to maneuver, artificial intelligence has a lot of benefits.

Advantages of AI

Artificial intelligence now-a-days is assisting in every sector ranging from technical to non-technical. It can help increase the accuracy in calculations and reduce any discrepancies in space launches. NASA has sent probes on the planet Mars on the basis of AI and machine learning to investigate any sign of life on the planet without risking any human life at stake. 

The healthcare department is using AI with the help of supercomputers in this time of pandemic to further the research on the virus SARS COVID-19 and end this prolonged human suffering. AI has also helped in preventing numerous cyber crimes related to finance and terrorism, since the AI and machine learning software have been trained to spot any unusual activity on the internet and the banking servers so as to prevent such crimes from happening. 

The smart-phones that we use work on the principles of narrow AI, for example face or biometric recognition and internet searches. All the social media networks use AI to control the user interface. With the help of AI the automobile industry is developing self driven cars. But we know in the light of benefits also comes the risks and shortcomings of AI as well.

Risks of AI

Artificial Intelligence can be vulnerable to malware which can take control over the AI and make it do the opposite of what it has been assigned to do, like protecting a server or sensitive details. Furthermore, when the AI has been specifically engineered to bypass security systems it can be used to do illegal transactions or smuggling, like the dark web. Also many AI system used for warfare can be used for destructive purposes when in wrong hands.


The AI and machine learning domain of technology is an ever evolving concept which if used the right way can help combat many human problems related with crime, medicine, astronomy, etc. Hence governments and scientists are collaborating to combat the risks of AI and make the world a better place.

Written by - Max Croson

Edited by - Arnav Mehra

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