Why We Need to Go Digital in Every Platform?


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An unexpected virus confined the whole world to their homes. All the shops and stores were close. At a time like this people took a lot of help from the online markets available. From buying everyday groceries to attending online schools, we all witnessed a change.

Just a lockdown was enough for us to realize the importance of internet. Digitization is the need of the hour. When every sector experienced loses this year, online services like Amazon, Big basket Netflix were hugely profited in the time of this global crisis.

There is a lot of scope for every sector on the internet. Some of the various opportunities that should be online are given below:

Fashion Industry

These days people prefer to compare items before they buy in terms of price. There is a lot of clarity on online platforms that shows us the exact thing we need at the comfort of our budget. There is no end of the options available online.

From famous designers like Sabyasachi to small endeavors, everything is available online at the click of a button. With easy return policies, there is no danger of getting damaged clothes. People don’t even have to worry about roaming around in markets.

Online School

Be it school or college or coaching institutions, every class can be easily held online and that too from the comfort of our homes. It is now time that electronics like smart phones and laptops are not considered as a luxury but a necessity.

There is no surety about when it might be safe for children to go to schools. At times like these our only source of help is online classes. Various apps like Google classroom have benefited a lot to these online classes and online assignment submission.

It is high time the children get used to such online education and India develops better online education system to help even the under-privileged. It is a tough task but indispensable in the future.

Online Payment Apps

Unless one is completely cut off from the world, one must have heard about apps like Paytm and Google pay. Nearly every shop in India uses these and many more such apps to accept payment. It is completely reliable and saves us from the trouble of carrying cash everywhere.

It is also helpful in keeping a track of the money we spent and helps us in controlling our finances in a better way. There are other benefits like getting cash backs and scratch cards at every online transaction.

Getting in long lines to pay bills is a thing of the past. At just a click of a button, we can easily pay gas, phone, electricity bill. For old aged people who cannot go out of their houses, they can pay their bills through their mobile phones or even their children who live far away can pay their online bills.

Food Ordering Apps

Even though restaurants are reopening for people to visit them and eat there, it is not completely safe. People are still resistant in going out to eat. But food cravings know no resistance. So, it is easy for us to order our food at home.

With apps like Zomato and Swiggy, we can enjoy good food in our pajamas. No need to get dressed and leave our homes. We have a lot of options to order from and we can easily judge the food quality by the restaurant’s ratings.

Budget is also not a problem. We can easily scan the menus of different restaurants and compare them. Also, the discounts and coupons available are a bonus for us.

Booking Cabs Online

It is no news that Uber and Ola drivers earn much more than ordinary taxi drivers. Everybody prefers to book cabs according to their price range online. Also, we have an idea of the fare before the journey even starts.

Public autos and taxis do quote a higher amount and we have to bargain to our price. This is not an issue in online cabs. Even if we are in a new city and are not aware of the rate card, Uber cannot fool us. It will take the set amount as fare.


Buying Groceries Online

Ten years back, we could not have imagined getting every day groceries at our doorstep by ordering them online. It is a reality today. We can order everything, from animal meat to vegetables online through apps like Big basket.

We can get same day delivery and the vegetables and fruits are sold at a very nominal rate here. During the lockdown, apps like these were a blessing. These apps also benefited a lot.

It’s just about having a new and unique business idea that kick starts an endeavor. we can’t deny the fact that online business is the new and much better reality.


Written by – Trishla Gupta

Edited by – Adrija Saha

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