"Being Famous Is a Very Popular Norm of Our Society" - Simranjeet Singh Saggu

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1. Tell us more about your background and journey.

As a child, I use to always sing songs in front TV trying to mimic the singers over television and I don’t know why I use to enjoy singing a lot. In Punjab we have pathis, who read prayers in the gurdwara. So due to lack of resources, I went to one of the pathis in a gurdwara and asked him to teach me how to sing.

Since I could not afford any professional training that was the only option in front of me. The pathi denied me a professional training but somehow, I made him listen to my voice and he agreed to train me after listening to me. And my training with instruments started at a very young age but my guru got transferred to another gurdwara which hampered my training.

Then I use to participate in various competitions at school. I started poetry and lyrics writing when I went to college. And that is how the journey went from learning a single instrument in a gurdwara to writing lyrics of my own songs and releasing them on YouTube.

2. When did you first decide you wanted to pursue music and how did you start?

As mentioned earlier I started singing as my hobby but when I got appreciation from people around me about my voice, I pursued professional training. And I started by singing prayers in the gurdwara.

3. Who is your favourite artist and why?

My favourite artist is Guru Randhawa because I find him an inspiration. I follow him very closely and I have learnt from him how to deal with failure and hatred. Because as a public figure, you not only get love from people but criticism and hatred as well sometimes. I find him a very grounded person.

4. Can you throw some light on opportunities one gets as a singer?

There are lots of opportunity in every field. if one has the desire, he will achieve it. In the time of social media, there are multiple platforms on which you can share your talent and approach a good amount of audience. Even I have started my YouTube page where I release my own songs.

5. Is format training required or can one train themselves purely on the basis of talent?

Formal training is very important for everybody. No one can learn from their mother's womb.  No one is perfect. The formal training is like a knife which can cut the diamond and make it in proper shape. You and your talent might be raw but to enhance it make it professional, formal training is required.

6. What piece of advice would you like to give to future and aspiring artists?

Becoming famous is a very popular norm in our society and music is such a craft which is close to everybody’s heart. But if you really aspire to be a singer or a musician, it is very important that your work on your passion with your full energy.

7. Which is your favourite book and why?

My favourite book is How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie because that book taught me what the human being really wants And I think this book has helped me in someway building and maintaining a close relationship with people who I love and want in my life forever.

Interview by - Sonam

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