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If you feel that you are surrounded by negativity then you can really use it to your advantage. In fact, you can use negative thoughts to generate positivity. That might sound insane but it is absolutely true. All it takes is the switching of mindset. Just like a repeated action becomes a habit, when you repeatedly say a particular statement for yourself, it becomes an affirmation. Affirmations are really helpful when it comes to changing your mindset for good and achieving what you are manifesting. 

So, you can grab some tea or coffee, get comfy, and read through if you wish to get some deep insights on Affirmations.

What Are Affirmations?

Affirmations are positive statements that help overcome negative thoughts. If you ever see someone repeating phrases like, “I can do it,” those are affirmations. They are simply the thoughts that you verbally say out loud to help yourself believe in whatever you are trying to manifest. It may sound lame or embarrassing to do, but they can do wonders when it comes to hiking the motivation and positivity level. 

In order to manifest something, you need to be passionate about it as well. However, sometimes we don’t really know as to where our passion lies. 

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Benefits of Affirmations 

Affirmations are deeply connected to the Law of Attraction which basically revolves around three strong pillars of ask, believe, and receive. Affirmations go hand-in-hand with these pillars.

1.Believe More

Affirmations help you to believe more in yourself and in what you are trying to manifest. They help you to put yourself into reality and give you the motivation required to keep striving. They put you in the moment and make it easier to understand where you are and where you wish to be.

2. Visualize Better

Affirmations even help you to visualize better what you are trying to manifest. They give you a clear vision of what you want and what path you need to undertake. Saying things out loud and repeating them really do the trick and shift your mindset as well.

3. Receive the Required Motivation

Affirmations motivate and inspire you. They give that little extra push needed when you start to slip. It gives you the energy and confidence you need to achieve what you are trying to achieve. You can even feel the feelings that are associated with saying these words out loud. Affirmation keeps the spirit ignited so that your need to strive never stops.

4. Reduce the Amount  the Self-Sabotaging Thoughts

Saying positive things to yourself actually decreases self-sabotaging thoughts. What this means is that it gives you more confidence. If you feel that what you are trying to achieve is too big or too small or you can’t achieve anything then affirmations are what you need. 

How to Create Affirmations Personalized for You?

There are three easy steps that can give you affirmations that work specifically for you. 

1. Name a Negative Thought

The first step is to find a negative thought that is bothering you. These can include what you say out loud to others, what you think in your head, or what is reflected through your actions. Figure out what you have been doing that is negative. 

These can be small things like “I am ugly,” or heavy things like “I cannot succeed.”

2. Find the Opposite Statement

Find the opposite statement to your negative thought. This is where you switch your mindset from negative to positive. This is the step where the magic happens. “I am beautiful,” or “I will succeed” are the affirmations that you have created for yourself.

3. 3 R’s- Repeat, repeat, and repeat

Repeat the affirmation over and over again to yourself. Whenever you feel that negativity is creeping in, repeat these affirmations. You can even come up with several different affirmations branching from what you first created.

For example, when in self-doubt, you can say, “I will succeed, I will make myself and my family proud, I will achieve what I want,” so on and so forth. The idea is to push negative thoughts out and make room for positivity. 

However, there are some things that need to be taken care of. Here are the three most important points to keep in mind when you are creating affirmations for yourself.

4. Get Rid of the Negative Words

Words like, never, can’t, won’t, etc, should be avoided at any cost. They give off negativity and you will end up feeling more terrible. This is the reason they should be avoided. Also, these words halt our creativity and will to keep going for what we want.

5. Avoid Conditional Affirmations

“If I get this, only then I will get that.” Statements like this need to be avoided. These tend to burden you more and you feel overwhelmed about the path you need to take in order to reach your final destination. Instead, it should do something like, “I will get that.”

6. Use Present Tense as Much as Possible

This is necessary to ensure that you are in the moment and not drifting away to the past or to the future. What happened in the past cannot be changed and what awaits you in the future is unpredictable. So try and make the best out of the moment that you are living in.

The Bottom Line

In order to believe in affirmations more, repetition is necessary. You can say these out loud in front of a mirror. If you feel silly and shy in the beginning, you can do this at some spot where no one can see or hear you. Speaking to yourself might feel weird but keep repeating. Using affirmations, you can reset your brain and your mindset to believe in what you want to focus on. Don’t feel overwhelmed whenever a negative thought pops up. Rather analyze it and use it to your advantage to add more positivity in your life. 

Journaling is another great habit in order to build a healthy mindset.

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Written By -  Neha Kundu

Edited By- Kashish Chadha

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