Insights on Analytics and Data Science by Mohit Sharma


What are the leadership skills needed to drive effective change in organizations to achieve data and analytics excellence?

Data & Analytics is most effective when it works in collaboration with cross-functional departments. Leadership should lead this change and be able to bridge the gap between Analytics & other verticals. In addition, this field is in the evaluation phase so a leader should understand this and be able to provide timely and actionable feedback for continuous improvement.

Can artificial emotional intelligence be a substitute for real emotional intelligence?

Different people have different views on this. My answer is “NO”. AI will not replace Human Intelligence although Artificial intelligence will assist & augment human intelligence to make a better decision. For example in medical science, it has already done a better job in diagnostic lead branches (Dermatologist & Radiologist). However, it is in very initial phases of Surgical Branches. Macspec pen is a good example of the same.

What does sales analytics mean?

In most simple words, sales analytics means identification of sales trends and identification of factors affecting sales. It is closely related to Customer Analytics, Channel Analytics and Marketing analytics. One can develop advanced Machine learning models to predict the sales along with KPI driven business rules. It also involves, identification of micro-patterns which are applicable only to a region, segment or product specific but cannot be generalized to a larger scale.

What role does analytics play in measuring the engagement level of employees?

According to a tennis legend, Rafael Nadal engagement is “A feeling of control over our immediate environment”. Which is closely related to commitment. Analytics can help to quantify 5 key areas of employee engagement (1. Work-life balance 2. Processes 3. People 4.Opportunities 5.Recognition). Analytics will help to provide us with a mathematical model to study the effect of each factor on the engagement level of employee. To simplify, it can help us to understand basic questions i.e how much effect the distance & time to travel for work impacts an employee’s engagement level. How important is a work-life balance for an employee? Is opportunity & extra work motivation or demotivation for an employee?

How can data scientists and analysts improve their communication skills?

Communication is one of the key and most ignored skills of the data scientist. I have seen excellent data scientist doing very poorly in the industry because of their poor communication. Many people confuse communication with English language which is not necessarily true, it involves a lot more art of interaction.

Data scientist need to understand the business problem, data and context from various stakeholders. Also at the other side, they need to present actionable insight to top management. This communication should be tailored as per the audience (different communication for Technical audiences vs Non – technical (management & strategic) audiences. A data scientist should understand this fact and should work in this direction by practicing this consciously at all inwards interactions as well as outwards interactions.

Insights by Mohit Sharma:

I am a data science leader with 10+ years of experience in Advanced Analytics & Applied Machine learning. Currently, I am leading data science practice in Godfrey Phillips India Ltd ( a KK Modi group co.). Previously I have worked with America’s Largest bank JP Morgan Chase & Co. I have done B.Tech from IIT Delhi and M.S in Marketing Analytics from the University of Ghent, Belgium.

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