Skills Make You Different From Others in the Race - Shishir Trivedi

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1. Tell us more about your experience as an educator.

It's great as I am a people-centric person so I love to be around new ideas, concepts & youth to get associated with them easily. Education is the field which gives you a chance to think about the same thing from different aspects and learn new skills & tools on a daily basis.

Apart from academics being in the education field keeps you updated in various business domains because in B-school methodology is a case study based.

2. What is your opinion of the Indian education system and how would you like to change that?

I would like to give various inputs on that but many of them are covered under the NEP 2020. Its been a great revolution in the history of Indian Education system as it took 34 years to change and provide a better draft to the society.
My views are that policy is great but its implementation involves various other stakeholders and would take a decade or half for proper enrollment till rural level.

3. What changes in the teaching methodologies have you seen in recent times?

In the recent time, traditional approaches are minimized due to the current pandemic situation every teacher has to mould themselves as an Entertainer who can be attentive & humorous for 1 hour so that students can enjoy and learn. This mechanism of Online Learning made a great drift till government institutions and provided great learning to change as per the time.

4. How does education help one do well in their career?

It’s the basic necessity in today’s world to understand the reality of the society whether it’s a business or a job one has to have great clarity of thoughts with subsequent information to enter that sector. As per my domain knowledge degree are not that important but skills are the key factor that makes you different from other candidates in the race.

5. Do you think teaching as a profession is viewed at par with corporate jobs?

Yes, it’s a great profession and can’t be compared with corporate jobs, but if you want to have my view on that so I would just say that for creating future leaders B-schools & Institutions are putting great efforts in nurturing the talent. Even many corporates transition to the education field in the mid-’30s or ’40s after realizing the inputs needed at the start of the career by teachers or guides.

6. How can we adopt technology to make teaching more effective?

The current situation is the real-time example of effective teaching, in this mode teacher can reach any number & location of students via the digital interface and address the students. Be it a web interface, mobile application, TV channel, or audio podcasts every channel is having great faculty &b teachers onboard to facilitate the sessions for students.

7. Why does India need more educators like you?

I am also in the process of becoming one of the great educators as currently, I haven’t become a professor but India needs sound, profound & apt educators to cater to the upcoming, advanced & fast-forward student brigade which lets you ask the questions maybe you need to explore.

The way of teaching & learning is changing together. Now focus will be on the applicability of the concepts; storytelling is incorporated to convey the messages; AR(Augmented Reality) & VR(Virtual Reality) are used to demonstrate the concepts to the secondary school students.

Event technology like IoT(Internet of Things) & 3-D printing is used to make prototypes and models this all gets possible and feasible through the Digital transformation via Industry 4.0.

Interview by - Sonam

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