Sometimes We're Tested Not to Show Our Weaknesses but to Discover Our Strengths - Priyanka Biswas

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1. Tell us about your background and journey.

Hi, I'm Dr Priyanka Biswas, professionally a practising dentist also a passionated homecook turned professional chef . Basically I've a background based in undivided bengal now Bangladesh therefore fortunately I've inherited a lot of traditional and authentic bengali flavours & techniques which I'm serving now by the means of my restaurant BONG NATION. 

2. What led you to take up this career path?

We were always a middle class person so to support my father financially my mum started providing Tiffin services to the students or job workers. The amount of satisfaction on the face of my mum by feeding good food to people inspired me towards this amazing field. 

3.What does your typical day looks like?

My typical day is full of cat fights with my mum and brother also with my 4 pets along with my father too.. But that definitely doesn't stops us from laughing out loud at the end of the day & having meal together (touch wood) 

4. Does one's approach change when cooking profesionally and at home?

One hundred percent.. As cooking in a front line kitchen needs efficacy as quick as a squirrel along with time management and well balance of flavours not to forget the attractive & eye catchy plating.. While at home we can eat anything at one plate without any rush. 

5. Is there a dish you particularly associate yourself with?

I associate my audition dish Goalondo steamer curry which is world known but started by my family from undivided bengal. 

6. Can cooking be learnt at culinary schools or a natural talent is required?

Well I say this everytime that whatever you do or want to do.. Every thing requires interest and passion rest all the other things are secondary, talking about culinary skills I inherited them naturally so I believe anyone else could.. But to be in actual kitchens of big hotel brands, most of the times culinary degrees are mandatory. 

7. Which is your favourite book and why?

1) The subtle art of not giving a f*ck by Mark Manson
2) Girls stop Apologozon by Rachel Hollis

- Priyanka Biswas

Interviewed by- Gurleen

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