World War II: An Untold Story


World War 2, the topic of debate and controversies which brought great pain and trauma in the heart of the survivors and reminds them about the ones that they lost in that dreadful time.

Sounds bad, sounds painful yet it is important to understand what affects war can bring in the life of all who may or may not related to war. But the sad thing about this situation is that we fail to capture the full scenario of what had happened.

So today for you I bring 5 best documentaries that will help you to understand the perception of soldiers, survivors, and their families. These documentaries also tell you about the incidents related to this historic event and connect you with the surging emotions of the people at that point in time.

So without much fuss let’s move forward and let this new binge watch list begin.


7 part mini-series depicting the perception of United States citizens during the world war 2.with the great play of voice acting shown by  Adam Arkin, Tom Hanks, Keith David, Samuel L. Jackson, Josh Lucas, Bobby Cannavale, and Eli Wallach, brings the real-life experience to the documentary.

The documentary involves details about how the war unfolds in basically 4 main US towns and how its citizens reacted to it.

The documentary starts with the Pearl Harbor attack followed by European war, battle of Tarawa, d-day, operation market garden, and ending with the battle of Okinawa and kamikaze attacks.

Overall it’s a series that is worthwhile for a binge-watch.

Apocalypse: The Second World War

Ok, so you may ask why is this documentary on my watch list, but the one and the only reason why it is here because of the fact that it is completely raw.

No, what I meant by that is, the series shows footage of the war recorded by the war correspondents, officers, and their families.

Now you would say ‘what’s the use of watching black and white footage when the world is coming up with 4k and 6k.’

Well but to surprise you, the series is filled with color, yes one exception to this is the infamous and dreadful holocaust scenes being kept in the same dark as similar to nature.

The series starts with the rise of Nazism, the phoney war, and ends with the surrender of Japan.

Auschwitz: Inside The Nazi State

You probably know about the dreadful events that took place in this Nazi concentration camp. The series covers the motivation and mentality of the leaders which led the massacre of 6 million men, women, and children.

Now for many of you, this may sound sadist and dark to see the massacre of millions of people, but through Auschwitz people are trying to draw a bigger picture.

It is necessary to know the thought process that can lead one human to do this type of barbaric deed.

The series portrays the conversion of Auschwitz from a house used for the care of polish leaders to a place infamous for becoming an extermination center.

The World At War

This series is the most expensive factual series ever made in history with a budget of 900,000 pounds at that time chronicling the events that took place during the Second World War.

The world at war shows the life and death of sailors, soldiers, concentration camp inmates, and citizens and their families.

The portrayal was made as real as it could be by following the facts as carefully as it can be. The series involves 26 episodes based on different incidents yet related to each other.

The series starts with the barbaric massacre of a French village of Oradour Sur Glane by the Waffen ss. The last episode makes a reference note to the first event and tells the good and bad experiences faced by the war survivors and how they remember it.


This is a TV series broadcasted on history TV with two episodes per day, the series involves the unseen color footage that was never seen on television.

The reason which makes it interesting is the fact that this series is based on the storytelling concept of various people who were directly or indirectly part of the war.

Like for instance one of the people featured on the series was Jimmie Kanaya who was the son of the Japanese immigrants he served in the US Army and was ultimately captured in Europe.

He served on the Korean War and Vietnam War with distinction. He was 99 years old when he died which makes him the last living person to be featured in World War 2 in HD documentary.

The idea behind this article is to pursue people to learn the history and mindsets of the people at that time that forced people to shed each other’s blood and shower cruelty on not just men and women but also on children.

Written by - Yash Bundela

Edited by – Adrija Saha

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